Buggy And the Beast Impossible?

(Xbox One)

I’ve gone through on every single difficulty, but they keep either rubber banding, ramming me off course, or just teleporting through me every time I play this showcase, I think it’s actually impossible to win this showcase!

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from what i see there are several spots that they will hit you ~ its just that you are in their path

~ shortly after the start when making a right hand turn the beast can/will bump you because you are in its path
~ the couple jumps they will bump you
~ near the end turning left in the grass going up hill
~ at the end when the 2 beast switch sides

if you let them pass you can still win 1st place

the showcases are not that difficult and i dont think the ai difficulty setting plays into these types of races
just drive normal and when they are around you try to avoid getting in their way

if your close enough to them at the end you will see the race animation force you ahead of them to cross the finish line and win 1st place


It doesnt. The only thing that is taking in consideration in showcases is your driving consistency. If you drive all the time at a decent speed without slowing down too much or losing too much time, thats enough.

Thats the only requirement. Hell, even if the AI is ahead of you but you drove perfectly fine the entire event, you will see how the AI slows down to let you win… i saw that many many times.

It’s not impossible. I just did it tonight. It can get hectic at time since both trucks can ram you and you can get caught between them both, but it is possible.

It is just eye candy. Ignore the big trucks, just stay behind them. No matter how slow you are, they will wait for you to catch up if they get too far ahead.

Just patiently drive ‘behind’ them, until the final stretch, when “I am guessing from experience on several tries so far” you will always win.

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I was always behind them too and the last instant to the finish line I was pushing through to win the race at the first try with somewhat 150 milliseconds faster than the opponents. Looks like all of the showraces are exactly like this: No real races but more show for the player. Same with train race - all the time almost impossible to catch up with but in the end the player is the winner.

I never lost a single one of these showcases. It doesn’t matter how you do it seems, you will still be let by at the finish line and end up first. AI literally slows down to a halt there.

It’s still possible to lose one of them!! Not sure which one it was, may have been the one discussed above, I didn’t realise the AI were going to part and so I ended up behind one of the AI and not enough time to adjust to get round it.

I’m sure the AI is set so you win with a Photo Finish, i haven’t lost one in FH4 or FH5.

I won that one by about an inch, with the trucks either side of me, i was behind up until just before the finish line.

yes, you can come in 2nd place on many of these showcase events(probably all of them)

i drive around looking at the scenery and i come in 2nd place in these events, even in F4 coming in 2nd place is a thing

I tried to get better and better at this, kept losing despite decreasing my time. Eventually I drove just moderately and came in 1st even though I added about 5 seconds on my worst time. Now I just drive laid back and get bad times and still win. I think there is a correlation for whatever reason, but maybe its just me?

I beat it 1st time, then got 2nd, it’s supposed to be a close even to build that dramatic tension.

just don´t make mistakes at the end - its rubber-banding so as long as you are within a certain distance to them at the end you will “rubberband” past and win.

What time you set and amount of mistakes matters little

I had no problems with this one, but I lost the one against the jet skis somehow. Had to turn the difficulty down to beat it.

I 100% agree. i have tried this race on TOURIST and UNBEATABELE and still can’t win. the AI monster trucks suspiciously find speed near the end overtake me then block me from getting past them. amazingly bad programming from the devs. all the other showcases no probs except this one.

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I agree 100%. i even lowered the difficulty to TOURIST and still cant win. i was able to win all other showcases on way higher difficulty but not this one. every time towards the finish line i am ahead of the 2 monster trucks and they miraculously rubber band past me then block me from passing at the finish line. the devs really got this showcase wrong badly IMO. i see some people have been able to win it but a lot can’t. a lot facebook groups also have people saying the same thing they can’t win it.

I’ve won twice; once in Rivals, and once regularly. But I had to do it a dozen or more times to get it. It’s not impossible. Just really, really annoying.

the only thing that matters is the last 1/4 mile, run that perfect and you’ll win. the showcases actually rrun based on how well you do. i actually stopped mid race for 30 seconds to test this. he got a good 20 seconds ahead of me, but i caught back up within a minute or so and ended up winning in the end.

I have had a horrible time attempting to beat this showcase. After several hours of trying and failing with times ranging from 3:21 to 5 minutes, it didn’t seem to matter what I did. I finally decided I’m going to change the difficulty to tourist and turn the driving line on. I tried to follow the driving line as much as possible even though it’s not the fastest way through the course and I finally got it. I think what’s going on here is the AI is trying to match your driving and if you’re throwing it off by taking shortcuts it over compensates at the end and it’s damn near impossible to get the desired effect where you just barely win. I think it’s possible to win without the driving line, however, I think it’s much harder to do.

I’ve won it in the beginner difficulty. It was impossible on higher ones. But now i didn’t get the achievment for winning this, because it doesn’t counted. I have still finished 3 of 4 Show events.

Worst Show race ever!