[BTM] Yakov Alfa's Designs | 2016 Dodge Viper ACR (5/29)

Hey, I’m only 3 years late to start my gallery; better late than never, right? Alpha Designs is now fully operational! My plan is to slowly add entries for all of my publicly available paints on here, with each entry having a brief description and a few pictures. I’ve also started on an easy to view list of my entire inventory, which should be done very soon. My inventory list will include more pictures, more in-depth descriptions, as well as extra information on how to obtain some of my more exclusive creations. And if you’re looking for someone to replicate a paint, make a decal, a replicar, etc. feel free to PM me with any requests! I’m always looking for new stuff to keep me busy, and if I like a request, it’s quite likely I’ll take it on. Also, this thread isn’t just for me to show off my work, I also welcome any feedback and constructive criticism you may have. Did you just love how rounded I made a square, or did you find an issue with a specific paint of mine? Let me know, it will only help to improve the quality of my work! Anyways, enough with the introduction, let’s jump right into the big announcement…

Ladies and gentlemen of the Forza Community, I proudly present to you… My 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat replicar!

I’ve been working on this replicar on and off since the Hellcat’s initial announcement several months ago, and this past week I finally completed it! It is built using the 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392, which was a Forza Horizon 1 pre-order bonus DLC. Unfortunately, T10 never released the DLC on the marketplace, so if you don’t have it, you’ll have to track down a code for it off of eBay. It wasn’t my choice to make the DLC near-unobtainable, don’t blame me… Okay, yes, I could’ve done it on the ‘09 Challenger instead, but the stock hood decals pretty much kill the replicar feel. However, if it turns out that very few people have the ‘12 Challenger 392 DLC, I will consider adapting the design to the ‘09 Challenger. This will take me some time to do, so I’d like to see if there’s any real demand for it before I start working on it. Want the replicar adapted to the ‘09 Challenger? Let me know!

Anyways, back to the main topic… I’ve done my best to replicate every little thing possible, ranging from the major things like the ram air hood, all the way down to the little details like the rear bumper molding and reflectors. But I didn’t just stop with the paint… No, this is a full-on replicar. I’ve also spent a great deal of time building and tuning a setup to get the closest possible performance in-game relative to the real-world Challenger Hellcat. Some key points for the build is that it’s centrifugally supercharged (there is no twin-screw supercharger upgrade available for the stock Challenger engine), it produces 708HP and 643lb-ft of torque (the 1 extra HP allows for a much closer torque output and a better selection of engine upgrades than if I’d have gone for 707HP), total weight is 4,223lbs (I could’ve gotten slightly more, but I would have to add a rollcage and it didn’t feel quite right with it equipped), accurate Viper-based gear ratios (the Viper’s Tremec 6-speed manual is standard on the Challenger Hellcat), and 275mm front and rear tires with 20” rims. I’ve also tuned it to have controllable oversteer, while still being very capable in the hands of an experienced driver. And for the people that aren’t into racing, this replicar is actually quite good at drifting as well (shocker!). This is the closest thing to having the actual Challenger Hellcat in FM4 as you’ll ever get!

Want one? Of course you do! The good news is that the first run of 10 cars, each in a unique color, will be going up for auction TODAY, Saturday, November 1st at 6AM [CST]. The starting bid will be 1,000CR and there will be no buyout. All 10 auctions will run for 24 hours, so they should all end by Sunday, November 2nd at 6AM [CST]. I’ve picked this time as I believe it will provide the most people with a chance to get at least one bid in, regardless of their location around the world.

The bad news? You won’t have another chance to get one until December 6th… “Explain yourself Jake!” you say? Well, first off I’ve spent months working on this replicar, so I’d like to make sure that the very first set of them go to people who will really appreciate and actually use them. Second, doing it in this way will help to keep the value of them up, and I want to make sure that every person who gets a first run Hellcat feels like a VIP, so to speak. Finally, if I make a good profit off of the first run I will be able to afford to charge less for all future auction house runs, helping to get the car into the hands of more people. And at the end of the day, I’m making these replicars for people to enjoy. The more people that get to enjoy it, the happier I am! I believe using this setup will help me cover everything I want to cover.

Oh, and about that one bit, “until December 6th…” On December 6th I will put the TorRed (w/black wheels) variant of the paint along with the replicar tune in my SF for free. All other paint variants will be auction house exclusives (this includes TorRed w/bronze wheels), and they will be sold in sets that I will auction starting from December 6th. I will randomly auction these sets until demand slows, at which point I will revert to only selling them when someone personally requests them. Also note that anytime after 12/6 you can request individual Hellcats be put up in the auction house for you to purchase, or even the entire 12 color set all at once. While I still have to determine pricing, I’ll do my best to make sure it’s fair. Oh, and while I think 12 colors will be more than enough, I welcome everyone to suggest any new colors for the Hellcat that they’d like to have considered!

Curious as to what the 10 first run colors are? See for yourself! (The 2 colors that will not be included in the first run out of the 12 colors available are Stryker Green and GTS Blue. These 2 colors will be available exclusively through the auction house starting December 6th.)

Stryker Red

TorRed (w/Bronze Rims)

Header Orange

Stinger Yellow

Sublime Green (w/Bronze Rims)

B5 Blue

Jazz Blue

Plum Crazy Purple

Ivory Pearl White

Granite Crystal Grey

Alright, I believe I’ve covered everything! Again, I’ll slowly be adding the rest of my paints to this thread and I should have my inventory list finished very soon. Thanks for stopping by Alpha Designs, and good luck to all potential buyers this weekend!


Awesome job Jake! Sadly as you know, I do not have the DLC for this but am looking at it now. Also, your probably asking why didn’t I just text you? Well, I just wanted to say good job man. I’ve known you for 3 years and I felt the most hype from this Hellcat launch than any other. Keep it up man!

Thanks man! After working on this replicar for months, it feels so awesome to finally be able to show these off to everyone! The best part? There’s more paint jobs and replicars to come… ; )

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Looks good! I may have to hop on FM4 for this.

Take a break from FH2 to go back to FM4 just for an auction? Now that’s saying something! Lol

Thanks for checking it out man!

Love the car. I have every DLC except this one. How ironic that one car I would absolutely love to have in garage, I can’t because I never bought Horizon. And I’m also very parcel to Mopars.

I’m still really confused as to why Turn 10 chose to not make the 392 DLC available through the marketplace. Even worse, codes for it are very hard to find now. They’ve basically made another unicorn car by complete accident… Lol

If I can get the design to work on the '09 Challenger I’ll be sure to release it on the storefront. My main obstacle right now is trying to get the front grille to look right. The '09’s real grille sits much higher up than the 392’s real grille, so my fake grille will need to be much taller on the '09 version. It doesn’t necessarily look bad with the oversized grille, but I’m trying to make it look as good as possible before I release it. Unfortunately, no matter how I do the '09 version the 392 version will still look considerably better simply because it doesn’t have that fake carbon fiber sticker on the hood that the '09 does, and the real grille on the 392 is better positioned.

Anyways, thanks for your comment!

Alright, all of the Hellcats are sold! Stryker Red and TorRed were sold to ShaDoWBlaDeZ79 for 1,000CR each. Header Orange, Stinger Yellow, B5 Blue, Jazz Blue, Plum Crazy Purple, Granite Crystal Grey, and Ivory Pearl White all sold for 1,000CR to goduggo, while Sublime Green sold for 1,600CR, also to goduggo. I know ShaDoWBlaDeZ79 personally, and he’s a fellow SRT enthusiast, so those 2 Hellcats will definitely be seeing some use soon! I contacted goduggo once the auctions ended, but I haven’t heard back from him at this time. While they may have all sold for very little, I’m just happy to have finally gotten them out to the public for people to enjoy!

As mentioned in the OP, the next chance to pick up one of my Hellcat replicars will be December 6th. The TorRed with black wheels variant of the paint and the replicar tune will be available in my storefront for free starting that day. Anyone interested in purchasing one or all of the auction house exclusive variants can PM me either here on the forums or over Xbox Live. And if you would like something personal done to a Hellcat that you’ll be purchasing (like stripes, custom license plate text, custom colors, etc), simply let me know in the message, I’ll make it work! The 12 auction house exclusive variants will cost 60,000CR individually, or the entire set can be purchased all at once for 700,000CR (a 20,000CR discount if bought as a full set instead of individually). This gives me an acceptable profit from each one sold, and I believe it’s a fair price for the buyer.

Curious as to what GTS Blue and Stryker Green (the 2 colors that I didn’t include in the first run auction) look like? Here you go!

Stryker Green

GTS Blue

That about wraps up this update. One last thing I’d like to mention is that I’ll be revealing my ZL1 replicars here on Wednesday, so check back then if you’re interested in seeing what can be done with a standard Camaro SS! They will also be available for purchase immediately after the reveal if anyone is interested. Thanks for stopping by, later!

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means? ZL1 reveal time!

I present to you my 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 replicar!

While there may be an official DLC for the ZL1, I figured it’d be nice to have an alternative to it available on the SS. Similarly to my Hellcat replicar, I’ve put quite a bit of time into trying to get every little detail of the real car onto my replicar design. Some key parts of the paint include a front splitter, lower front grille molding, foglamp molding, side skirt molding, body stripe w/quad hood vents, ZL1 hood badges, and taillight stripe. But I would never expect someone to be satisfied with just the paint job for a replicar, you also need it to perform like the real deal. That’s why I’ve also put an equal amount of time into building and tuning the closest possible setup for it. Some key features of the tuning setup are a twin-screw supercharged V8, 581HP, 554lb-ft of torque, 4,010lbs total weight, accurate gear ratios, and 285mm front tires and 305mm rear tires with 20” rims. The handling is planted and controllable to provide similar driving characteristics to the real ZL1. Drivers of all skill levels will find the car easy to drive (even with TCS turned off), and experienced drivers will find the car extremely capable. I have personally run mid 1:36s with it on Mazda Laguna Seca, but a better driver could likely get into the mid 1:35s. My replicar also runs within a tenth of a second of laps I’ve run with the official DLC ZL1. In every aspect, this is as close as you will get to having the 2012 ZL1 without buying the official DLC. And even then, my replicar and the DLC car are nearly identical (if you have the DLC for the ZL1, drive them both. You’ll have a very hard time knowing which one is the real ZL1 and which one is the replicar).

Interested in getting one? They’re available exclusively through the auction house for 58,000CR individually, or 425,000CR for the entire 8 car set (a 39,000CR discount if bought as a full set instead of individually). I should be putting up at least one set of all 8 cars every couple nights for 24 hours (including 2 sets as of posting), but feel free to message me if you’d like any specific ones or the entire set put up for you. If you’d like something specific done to a ZL1 that you’ll be purchasing, let me know and I’ll get it taken care of. And as always, I’m open to any new color suggestions that you may have.

The 8 auction house exclusive colors are:

Victory Red

Crystal Red

Sunset Orange

Rally Yellow

Synergy Green


Silver Ice White

Summit White

I would also like to explain my reasons for selling some of my creations solely through the auction house… The main reasons are it allows me to avoid spamming the storefront with multiple paint variants of the same design, it ensures that every car going out is built the way it should be (unlike if someone grabs only the design or only the tune off of my storefront, which actually happens a lot), it gives me a chance to personally thank someone who purchases my creations and therefore supports my work, it allows me to earn legitimate CR for my work so that I don’t have to resort to asking for handouts from the “rich folks” of Forza, and it gives each car a certain level of exclusivity and value that you just don’t get from downloading a storefront creation. Also, every single item in my storefront is, and always will be, %100 FREE. Having someone actually purchase one of my creations through the auction house directly supports my work. So if you like what I do and want me to keep doing it, why not consider picking up one or two of my auction house exclusive creations?

My inventory list is very close to completion, so expect it to be ready for viewing this weekend. Finally, I’m currently undecided as to which creation I should unveil next, but I think I have an idea of how to decide… Would you like to have a car to beat the Corvette ZR1’s lap record around Mazda Laguna Seca, or would you rather have the ultimate hypercar? If you’d like to help me decide what to reveal this weekend, let me know your answer to that question! As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest update! Later!

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Really like what youre doing here, first off, welcome to the forums. I love that you have taken the time and interest to really add to the forums with your in depth thread. I really appreciate a realistic replica, you have done a very cool/clean job at your designs. Very interested in seeing more of your work :slight_smile:

I want a chance at those ZL1’s.

I’ve actually been around the forums since late 2010, I just avoid posting a whole lot because my opinions tend to get me in trouble, Lol. The main reason I write up near-essays for my replicars is that I’m trying to emphasize that I’m doing everything I can to make them the highest quality possible, and to give them a sense of value. Instead of just the typical “I make paint, you download and rate,” kind of thing that I see so often on the storefront. I appreciate the nice comments! My plan is to add one creation to this thread every weekend and Wednesday, but most of what I’ll be showing here has been available on my storefront for quite some time. Though I may end up going back and redoing a lot of my older paints; I feel like some of them aren’t up to my current standards.

I put up 2 more sets about 6 hours ago for 24 hours, so I think you’ll have plenty of time to pick up whichever ones you’d like (they usually don’t start selling until the last few hours they’re up). If you want all 8 be sure to let me know so I can put up a set specifically for you at the discounted “full set price.” A 39,000CR discount essentially means you’re getting one Camaro SS for free! Haha! And my ZL1 replicars aren’t limited editions or anything, so even if you miss this second and third set I’ll be putting up plenty more. As long as they’re selling, I’ll be putting up 2 sets every night. I’ll just be matching demand with them.

I really appreciate the comments guys! Now I’ve just gotta decide if I wanna reveal all of my replicars in a row (there’s still 2 more I haven’t revealed just yet) or swap over to some of my normal replicas and customs…

Sounds good I won’t br on until tomorrow night. So I’ll check then to see if anything is up.

“It’s Monday Jake! You said updates every Wednesday and weekend!” Yeah, I know… I’m really bad at time management… Oh well, another update is due and I’ve decided to make this one about one of my current favorite storefront paints. Remember my question about which creation I should reveal for this update? While I didn’t get any suggestions, I did manage to decide on one… Which one though? It’s what I currently consider the greatest hypercar in the world…

I present to you… My Koenigsegg One:1 replica!

This creation is a little different from what I’ve been revealing so far. This is just a replica paint, there’s no tune. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to build an accurate One:1 replicar with the upgrades available in FM4. Once you download and install the design, simply add the Forza front bumper, Forza wing, and Oettinger Type RXX rims (19" front, 20" rear). Max out the rest of the upgrades, and that’s about as close as you’re gonna get in FM4. All things considered though it is still very close, at least visually. Some of the key points of this paint are a full-length center carbon fiber stripe with white accents, dual hood vents with carbon fiber accents, carbon fiber stripes flowing from each side window, central front splitter bracing, dual dive plates, splitter side fins, front wheel vents, side carbon fiber stripes with orange accents, and side air intake carbon fiber stripes with orange accents. I wasn’t able to apply proper iridescent white paint due to my use of carbon fiber, but I’d say the gloss white paint looks just fine. Want the design? Good news, it’s available right now in my storefront for FREE! (I’d like to mention that the carbon fiber used in my design is courtesy of VGIII. While I’m sure most of you already know of his quality designs, be sure to check out his storefront! Class act gent, him!)

Alright, there’s the reveal of this update done with! But that’s not all… I’ve finally gotten my inventory list finished up! If you’d like to see all of my publicly available creations right away, check it out! It’s got everything except coloring pages for the kiddies!

Also, I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who’s picked up one of my ZL1 replicars recently! As of time of writing, I’ve sold 117 ZL1 replicars! It’s been less than week since I originally revealed them, making it my fastest selling creation to date! And considering there’s already an official DLC for the ZL1 available, the fact that people are still willing to pick mine up instead/as well really speaks to the quality of the replicar. It’s been awesome seeing all the enthusiasm and support for these things, it means a lot!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for this update. One final thing I’d like to mention is that my next reveal will be another replicar: the 2014 SRT Viper T/A. Thanks for stopping by, later!

EDIT: While looking for real-world pictures of a design I had done in-game, I came across a car I think I’d like to replicate…

The biggest question: should I make it on the '09 Challenger which has a wing that would look very similar, but at the cost of not being able to paint the hood stripes due to the stock “carbon fiber” hood stickers? Or should I make it on the '12 Challenger so I can do the hood properly, but I’ll be stuck with the stock spoiler and the number of people with the 392 DLC is very small? Any opinions?

It’s time for another update! After having so much success with my ZL1 replicars, I’ve decided to go ahead and reveal another replicar for this update.

I present to you… My 2014 SRT Viper T/A replicar!

Paint features include a front splitter, an integrated rear decklid spoiler, hood vents, and T/A badges. Tune features include a naturally aspirated V10, 640HP, 600lb-ft of torque, 3,332lbs total weight, improved brakes, improved suspension, improved chassis rigidity, 295mm front and 355mm rear tires with 18” front and 19” rear rims. Handling is very similar to a stock Viper GTS, but every performance aspect is further improved to provide similar driving characteristics to the real Viper T/A. As is true with all Vipers, drivers of all skill levels will be able to drive it without much of an issue, but only highly skilled drivers will be able to unleash its full potential. Also, my personal best s-class time on Mazda Laguna Seca of 1:31.589 was run with this replicar. You want a car to beat a ZR1’s lap record around Seca? This is the car for you! Overall it’s a great car to drive, and I think you’ll agree with me if you pick one up yourself!

Want one? I think you’re gonna like this information then… The Crusher Orange (gloss w/carbon fiber accents) color variant and the replicar tune are available in my storefront for free! If you’d like a T/A in a different color, I’ve got 4 auction house exclusive variants available for purchase. The auction house exclusive variants are 125,000CR individually, or 475,000CR for the entire 4 car set (a 25,000CR discount if bought as a full set instead of individually). I plan to have at least 2 sets up each night for 24 hours. To start things off I’m going to be putting up 4 sets (16 cars total), so if anyone wants a full set within the next 24 hours there’ll be plenty available. And remember, if you’re looking to buy a full set please message me so that I can adjust 4 cars’ prices to reflect the 25,000CR discount for you. And like all of my auction house exclusive creations, if you’d like something special done to one that you’ll be purchasing be sure to let me know!

Here are the 4 auction house exclusive color variants:

Stryker Green (Metallic w/Black Accents)

Viper White (Gloss w/Carbon Fiber Accents)

Anodized Carbon (Metallic w/Black Accents)

Venom Black (Gloss w/Carbon Fiber Accents)

There’s the reveal for this update, I hope you guys like it! And as always, any and all feedback is welcomed!

Next up, I’d like to again give a big thanks to everyone who’s picked up one (or several) of my ZL1 replicars! They’ve been a massive success so far, with 149 units sold in just the first week! It’s extremely encouraging for me to see so many people not just buying, but actually appreciating and enjoying these replicars! I’ll being doing my very best to continue providing quality creations to the Forza Community to enjoy, thank you all!

Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to a couple of fellow painters I’ve had the privilege of meeting. “Advertising the competition in your own thread, Jake? Are you crazy?!” Nope, us painters are all one big community. We all drive the quality of eachother’s paints. And the way I see it, if one person does a paint and everyone else stays away from trying it themselves, how would the original painter ever feel the need to try to improve? And it’s a good idea to help shine the spotlight on talent when you see it…

First off, DevoGT. I actually met him through the sale of one of my ZL1s. Let me tell you, this guy has some serious painting skills and an attention to detail! He’s put out a variety of absolutely top-notch drag racing designs, including several awesome variants of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet and the Chevrolet Copo Camaro. He was even kind enough to let me pick up several different variants of his creations through the auction house…

And my other friend that I’d like to give a shoutout to, TKF FM4. While searching the storefront to see what other One:1 paint jobs were available, I came across his interpretation of it. He mostly does designs for Koenigseggs, but he’s done various other cars as well. The intense quality of his designs and his ability to blend features like carbon fiber and custom bodywork into paint jobs that utilize iridescent paint blows my mind! He’s so good at adding small touches that I’ve actually looked at some of his paints before and asked myself “wait, what did he actually paint? It’s all just stock-OH! That’s actually painted on! I thought that was stock!” Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

If you go to check out my creations, be sure to also check out my friends’ while you’re at it! You won’t regret it! (DevoGT’s most up-to-date designs are sold exclusively through the auction house; his older designs are available in his storefront. As far as I am aware, all of TKF FM4’s designs are available in his storefront.)

Alright, that’s the end of this update! It’s gonna be difficult to choose just one creation to reveal next… As always, thanks for stopping by! Later!

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Very nice work on the latest reveals! On the challenger for sure do it on the '12… Also if you need any of the Rolex sponsor logos let me know.

Thanks Stan! I’ve actually decided to do the original design on the '09 due to the 392 DLC being so rare, but I plan on applying it to the 392 as well. I’ve got nearly all of the logos covered, but I will need to make the Petty’s Garage logo and update my Atlantic Autosport logo. Aside from that, it’s turned out to be a pretty easy paint job!

I would like to mention that the very first T/A, a Viper White, has sold to FlyingTigers413! Congratulations on picking up T/A number one, FT!

And I forgot to say it in the update, but I’ve decided to remove my Camaro ZL1 version 4.0 design and tune from my storefront. I didn’t consider it to be up to standards, and the version 5.0s have been selling significantly better anyways. I apologize to anyone who was interested in picking up the V4.0 ZL1 replicar, but I want to ensure that what I have available to the community is at a certain level of quality, and unfortunately V4.0 did not meet that standard. The V5.0 ZL1s will continue being available for purchase through the auction house as normal, no changes are being made to them.

Hey, look at that… I just made a mini-update by accident. Lol

Alright, I’ve finally gotten around to it… Update time! I’ve decided to go ahead and reveal two designs for this one…

First off, my Team Oreca-inspired Viper GTS-R!

I originally made this design for a Forza LeMans race where we were allowed to run special liveries. I decided to make something patriotic, as well as historically significant for the Viper. Unfortunately, due to several major disputes with the staff I chose to leave the series before the big race. Sometime after I left I came across my GTS-R sitting in my garage and thought to myself “hey, I’ve got a perfectly good racing design here… I can just strip off the series logos and number boards and put it on my storefront.” And that’s exactly what I did! Because I made the paint job so long ago there are some minor errors, so if they bother anyone I’ll gladly upload an updated version upon request. In the meantime, the original paint job is available in my storefront for free!

Next up, my Vaughn Gittin Jr. #25 Falken Tire Formula Drift GT500!

I made this design a long, long time ago at the request of a friend. Originally I put it on my storefront for him to download, but a few days later I noticed it had broken 100 downloads! It was also the most downloaded GT500 design for quite awhile, until a glitch occurred where the design will no longer appear in GT500 searches that do not contain any specific keywords. Still, at this time it has 1,922 downloads! My most successful design to-date, and it was by complete accident! XD

It’s best to equip the Ford front bumper, the Roush wing, the Roush sideskirts, the Ford hood, and Blitz Technospeed Z1 rims (20" front, 20" rear). Also, being as this was actually one of my first designs on FM4 it too has some errors (mainly the K&N logo), so just like with my GTS-R design, if the errors bother anyone I’ll make an updated version and put it on my storefront. However, the original design is available in my storefront for free!

Next up, I’d like to give a shoutout to a friend who has started selling his custom built cars through the auction house, ShaDoWBlaDeZ79. Shadow has been a good friend of mine for many years now, and as of late he’s been building some seriously well tuned cars! Every car he’s made so far has more than exceeded my expectations! I don’t know how he does it, but how ever he wants a car to perform, he’ll make it work. Whether it’s taking my very own Hellcat replicar and using minimal extra upgrades to drastically improve its performance, or taking regular cars and building them up to compete with long-standing leaderboard cars, he delivers! Be sure to check out his thread as soon as you’re done reading mine, and send him a message if you’re interested in picking up one of his various Shadow Edition cars!

I’d like to mention that 186 ZL1 replicars and 24 T/A replicars have been sold! While I was expecting the Vipers to sell quite a bit less than the Camaros, I’m still very happy with the amount that have been sold! I don’t think I’ll be making too many more replicars in the future (my options are relatively limited), but it’s been great to see the ones that I have made do so well!

And finally, I’m nearly done with my Petty’s Garage Challenger replica, so expect it to show up in one of my future updates very soon! Thanks for checking out my latest update, later!

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Some nice paints in here mate. Keep it up.

[ PS. Although semantics, I’m yet to figure it out why there’s a difference between the spelling of the word “tyre / tire” ] between British English and American English.

Thanks FA! I’m also confused as to why us Americans chose to spell it differently… Maybe we were just trying to be trolls and it stuck? Personally, I prefer “tire” simply because I only have to write one line for the “i” instead of two for the “y.” Lol

Since I’m already posting I may as well mention it now… This morning my 200th ZL1 replicar was sold, a Silver Ice White! Congratulations to Kodyconnolly18, owner of ZL1 VIN0200!

I’ll be posting my next reveal a little later today. I completely forgot it was Wednesday already so I haven’t decided what to reveal just yet… XD