Brick challenge: table flipping

Smash 100 tables.
Where’s the tables at?
Benches aren’t classed as tables

In the city, they are gray and round.

I could only find about 8 tables in the city

That’s about right and that’s why it’s classified as hard :smiley: Or maybe there are other locations.

They will respawn if you drive around…

They are small round tables, black top and tan seats, usually with an umbrella on top. There is a small ‘coffee shop’ next to the canal that has a few but if you drive everywhere through Brickchester you will find most of the 100. Fast travel elsewhere and return to get the rest.

I spent around 15-20 minutes searching Brickchester and managed to locate exactly 100 tables. If you find all of them, you would not need to leave and come back. Hope this helps :smiley:

Out of the numerous tables I smashed in Brickchester, only 4 of them counted.

The picnic bench-style tables don’t count. Only the greyish round ones.

It only counts when they break apart in 2 or more pieces.

That’s right, only the “Bistro” style tables are counting, accompanied with two stools on each side. You can find many at Brickchester, best thing is to do this in single player mode, Had some players who were destroying some of them just right before my nose.

And other than the description says it is not enough to turn the tables upside down, you have to break them into pieces. If I remember right there are about 25-30 tables in the city, sometimes you have only one of them, sometimes they appear in groups.

Just drive in circles through the city and when you through each street there, the first that were smashed down will be almost spawn intact and ready to be smashed again.

The main problem is just to locate them in the first place (like the barrels). If you knew how they looks like there is no more problem….

The best place to flip tables is at the beach east of the pirate ships. Drive along the beach smashing all the picnic tables, there are a lot of them. When you have them all just fast travel far away and then back to the beginning.

Also smash beach chairs and the coffee huts to complete other brick challenges.