Smash Boards

Hi everyone, I have collected all smash boards on the map and it still says i Have 3 left to find . Any Ideas on what I can do ???

Is this on the Storm Island DLC or no? I believe the discount boards on the Storm Island map’s system(s) might be bugged a bit. I say that because I smashed 22 and it gave me the achievement (“gotta smash 'em all” I think it was called; might have been 25G). I smashed the last three and it was fine, I got the full discount promised.

And have you checked to see if you got them all if on the original game’s map? There’s images on the internet that show where all of them are. And what boards do you mean? The 50 fast travel boards or the XP boards?

I dont have the storm island DLC its just the 150 origionals on map , thanks for comment tho.might go throught campiagn again