Bottom line............ THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

enough said :slight_smile: well done T10 and Playground!

Anyone 2nd that!?


My copy comes in the post today!

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It’s stunning to look at, no doubt about it, but it’s missing something for me, there just isn’t that drive, or compulsion for me that makes me think about playing it when I’m not, I think it’s the location, I think Colorado was more conducive to driving appeal.

OMG! Have you ever driven the roads in Southern France and Italy?
Those roads, and a suitable car (like my own Alfa Romeo) are just like driving heaven!

I haven’t played FH2 yet, still at work :frowning: so cant comment about that but with the first Horizon I hated colorado, found it so boring to look at.
As someone mentioned earlier the only bit in the original I like was red rock, I am hoping this map has more areas like this.

Game - real life, real life - game, no comparison between them.

Totally enjoying FH2 on X1! Game is a blast! It’s extremely fun using Thrustmaster TX with GTE add on rim. When you are off road, the vibration & FFB gets intense!

For me, I’m a huge Forza 5 fan, and a car nut. Forzavista and photo mode really astounded me with the details.

Personally i drive with all assist’s off (i like it lairy!) and was concerned that the physics wouldn’t be what i’d hoped, how wrong was i!

As far as the environment and map is concerned, i think its the most beautiful I’ve seen in any game, EVER!!!

Definitely agree.

I loved horizon but Colorado just didn’t do it for me. red rock was the only appealing part of the map imo.

Horizon 2 takes everything I loved about horizon and makes it even better.

Glad you’re all enjoying it :D, hopefully it will “click” with me soon :slight_smile:

I second, third and fourth the OP’s sentiment.

I LOVE the setting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the US, I can’t imagine a game like GTA V being set anywhere as good, due to story, characters etc but for a driving game this is perfect.

I think I’m a little burnt out on America in open world games now (save for GTA V as I say) Ibiza was the only thing TDU2 had going for it really, the island was awesome. ROUNDABOUTS!

In Horizon 2 I genuinely feel like I’m at a Festival / Top Gear mash up. If this is what they we’re going for, they nailed it:

I just enjoy driving around and looking at the detail. Its like a real life OutRun.

Ha Ha :slight_smile: I know what you mean, this games going to turn me into a Sunday driver just so I don’t miss anything!

Unlocked it at midnight last night sat till 3am playing it and at work now fighting sleep but will be putting a few hours in tonight, it’s a great game.

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Copy has now arrived. My word this game is something special!

The graphics I think are better than FM5, as is the Drivatar system. So far the drivatars have been really well behaved on the road trip sections. Really makes the experience feel authentic and genuine.

The music (that I’ve sampled so far) is spot on and the starter Supra just sounds so intoxicating.

Got my steering set to simulation now and the game has come alive for me.

Thank you very much Turn 10. Horizon 2 so far is exactly the game I hoped it would be.

EDIT: And the adrenaline rush in the off-road events when you’re blasting through vineyards higher than the windshield - you can’t see where you’re going but you keep your foot down and the turbo builds more boost. Woooooooo Hooooooooo!

the best racing game ive ever played.

So far I’m loving this game had about 6 hours total play time and it’s amazing. Personally I don’t care much for the championships not really for me but I have driven all the roads and am working my way through the bucket list. I’m having the most fun just sliding all over the place the drifting is awesome and being able to tune the cars to the way you drive I can’t get enough!!! Then there is the landscape WOW so pretty until I destroy it with whatever monster I’m hooning around in.

Nipped home a short while ago after picking my son up from school. Had a quick 220mph blast in the Noble on the main motorway. WHAT A RUSH!!! the sense of speed, (i play bumper view) is so much better than FH1 (which i enjoyed also) Only got the 3 hours last night, (UK, bleary eyed at work just now) so will make sure every inch on every road is covered tonight! :slight_smile:

It’s actually far better than I expected… I am sitting here at work fighting sleep for the 3rd day in a row, and all I can think about is FH2…

I was worried about the physics and how tuning would work. While the physics are not full on FM5, they are FAR better than the tires made of glue in FH1. I jumped back into FM4 for a bit, and FH2’s physics are better… I was worried that tuning would just be a gimmick, but I’m happy to say my worries are null and void. Tuning does indeed make a difference. Not in the same way it does in FM5, but it does make a difference. Just being able to tune the transmission is a godsend!!!

FH1 was fun, but I finished it way too fast. It looks like there is a ton of replay value in FH2. FH1’s Multiplayer was a bust, and that is where that game should have shined. From what I’ve experienced so far with FH2, online, it’s definitely not a bust… At this point, it two thumbs up from me. Time will tell if that still holds up 3-6 months from now. My gut is telling me it will, but we’ll see…

Gameplay and graphics are awesome. The laziness of the design of the cars is a disgrace. Errors on many cars.