Just a few hours in and this game is way better than Horizon 1

I mean seriously.

The graphics are stunning. I feel like Im accomplishing alot running around between events and doing the road trips but then I look at the status bar and Im not even close to being done with 10% of the game!

The car selection is spot on (for launch anyway).

The music is a surprise for me, I didnt think I would enjoy running classical music while bombing around.

Great job Turn10 and Playground.

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Agreed. I like the Kinect Anna, pretty cool. Since you are in a few hours, I just started and on my 3rd race, how do we change our radio presets? Are these unlocked later?

They are unlocked gradually. I forget exactly when they are unlocked. I am through the first day/road trip, and I unlocked “Hospital Records Radio” and “Ninja Tune Radio”.

On the topic of ANNA, my wife was in the other room while I was playing, and she yelled in wondering why I kept saying ANNA. Haha.


Ahh ok, thanks.

Sounds like everyone is having a blast, can’t wait to come home and play! !

Indeed. This is the best racing game on console for the foreseeable future. It’s epic.

It is indeed an incredible game. Could someone please tell me who ANNA is? :slight_smile:

Your mom.

lol… what a douche. I laughed

Kinect will be involved with a feature called ANNA. She is your digital personal assistant and navigation in the game. She is also very intelligent and will suggest things to do in the game and give you a recap when you return to the games. She will also alert you when friends are online.”

Ive always enjoyed more sim focused racing games and when the first horizon came out I was really excited at the premise of forza physics in an open world game but it just never felt right to me. I did see promise in the game though and im very happy to say they absolutely nailed it it this time. From the graphics, sound, map size, tuning, clubs and the most important thing to me the physics are spot on for this type of game. Other than some pop up here or there the game is very smooth and the 30fps can hardly be felt, it feels great. I kind of hate to say this but if they would have released this game with the xbox one at launch it would have been a better system seller than motosport. It also would have allowed turn 10 an extra year to polish forza 5 and the added effect of going from 30fps to 60fps would have made it that much more of a big deal. Forza 5 would have been able to wipe the floor with driveclub and project cars and there would be no dispute who the king of the console racing genre is. After playing this game for a few hours nevermind being better than the first horizon it feels like it has outdone forza 5.

Well, Horizon Finale #1 done. Holy cow that race is looooooong. The cars are all fantastic. The graphics are incredible. A few pictures I have shown friends from in-game have thrown them for a loop when they realize that the picture was from a video game. 10/10 for me. Great job. Cant wait to see what Forza 6 has in store for us next year :wink:

Agree with OP 100%. Horizon 2 has progressed tenfold.

Thanks T10 and Playground.