Boodzo's Gallery - 27th Oct small update, a few classics

Welcome to my Forza Horizon 2 Gallery!

I realised my first post isn’t really a good gallery first post, and my early photos were straight from the Forza gallery so after deleting a few I ended up losing my shots. I’m going to put some of my personal favorites up here in this main post, but will keep updating it as much as I can as I keep snapping. This is the first Forza I’ve properly got into photography so I have no idea what I’m doing 95% of the time. and the other 5% is me hoping and praying that I can get a lucky shot with some cool settings… All comments & critisism would really help me get a better idea of what I’m doing with these shots!

Quick Jump for Updates

3rd October 2014 - F1 & P1 set - First Few Photos in the Game
4th October 2014 - TVR & SLR - Trying to Learn Closeups, and Loving the Rain.
5th October - RS4, M600 & Rally Fighter - Learning the Surroundings of the Shot
October 6th - SLS Set - One of the best sounding cars… In the World.
October 7th - F Type & Maserati - Mobil 1 Car Pack First Try
October 8th - Balloons, Jeep SRT & C63 AMG - Showcase Time & Having a Blast around
October 10th - LFA, C63, SLR, Evo, F-Type - And the UBERLOW S63 AMG
October 13th - Lexus LFA set - Finally got this uploaded!
October 13th[2] - F150 Raptor & R32 - Showcase 4 & Silent Highway Hunting
October 14th - Noble, F50, S2000 & more P1 - Few random shots
October 23th - McLaren 12C set - And Photocomp3 Win!! First Win!
October 27th - Few Classics - Chevelle, Muria and an evo

Competition Wins!

Got my first Photo Competition win on the Photocomp3! October 23rd 2014

Competition Entries

Newbies to Pros


Definitely a great start!

The first thing everyone gets told when starting out is that aperture is the most useful setting in photomode, and should be the most used.

Was having a play a minute ago as I got a lucky Night + Rain combination.

Didn’t realise just how important the aperture was to the photo realism. The top photo was before I read your comment, and the bottom 2 just after. [I also got very lucky with the weather, which does seem to improve pretty much every photo]

Almost looks real


Some new shots I took last night and today. Just general ones trying to get the lighting right. It still seems to be trial and error, and all the paint seems flat in my most recent photos - not sure how to get more defined reflections. The civic photo is a perfect example, the paint just doesn’t look right!

Great start in Horizon 2 Boodzo and that real life photo is awesome!

Reflections come from angle and location, not so much camera settings. You’d be surprised what kinda reflections you can get in the shade, specifically valleys (hint hint). Also, keep in mind some cars are more detailed graphically than others.

Thanks, I always try and get to Goodwood and it’s given me a chance to see pretty much everything from my dream garage. I’d seriously recommend going if you get the opportunity.

And thanks iHomie - Was really struggling with them, I didn’t realise it was more location than camera settings! I’ve been cruising around tonight and as soon as I see my car getting reflections on it, going out to camera mode and trying to get a few snaps.

If money were no object the McLaren P1 & F1 are my dream cars without a shadow of a doubt, so thanks Forza Rewards lol

F1 & P1 Set [Reuploaded]

You could tell me this was real and I’d believe you. Gorgeous work

BIG update 4th October.

I spent the day trying to find out how to improve my shots, having fun with it and just seeing what happened. I’m pretty pleased with a few of them, but I thought everyone likes pictures so I’ll stick most of them up here. I’ve tried to break it up with a bit of a story, but I’ve got a few ideas for something I want to try once I’m a bit better with my photos.

So to start things off I treated myself to a TVR. after a few races I decided to try and find the 3rd Barn Find. It took me about 2.5 hours as I kept looking, then taking photos, then going back over the same spot to look again, and taking more photos… The best ones from the drive with the TVR

Also got myself a new car. Bought it on a whim and fell in love. This thing sounds so beautiful cruising around. It seemed to draw a bit of attention from a few Mercedes guys, and I got really lucky with some of the traffic shots. The one with the A class was when I had just paused it to repair in photomode and I thought “Why not take a photo?”

Such a great shot! You’ve improved fast!

+1 Awesome photo Boodzo!

Damn, those pictures put the SLR into DSLR! (Awful joke, I know :P)

Seriously though, I reckon they’re all breathtaking!

Thanks for the kind words guys! I definitely feel I’m improving, and I’m actually learning what the settings do now lol. I never thought I’d spend the majority of my time in a driving game with the game paused, adjusting sliders!

Looking through other galleries I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m at the same caliber as some of the guys on here [looking at you Homie…], but I’m having fun and that’s what games are for right?

Just tried a few new things, trying to play with the colour, focus and sepia but I’m not sure what I’m doing lol.


SO REALISTIC!!! Nice gallery so far.

Those SLR shots are jaw dropping.

Small update today as I hit the photo limit and realised most of the photos I’ve taken are uploaded straight from the Forza Gallery… Going to try and neaten up the thread and reupload a few of the photos from Imgur on here instead some time next week.

Anyway, on to the photos. I got a few shots of the RS4 where I finally got the lighting right, and got myself a rally fighter. I’d say to everyone, GET A RALLY FIGHTER! I had a lot of fun blasting through a forest in a storm at night in cockpit view. If only you could take a picture from the drivers POV!

Looking back at the pictures now I wish I had turned of Vignette[sp?], and if anyone has any tips on how to show the definition of carbon fiber it would be very appreciated. The Noble was an attempt to recreate the M600 off the production line [Blue tinted CF & blue stripe around the wheels] but in the picture it just seems to look like a dark blue.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s some pictures

EDIT: Bonus picture… no idea what happened here

As I’m obsessed with the Mercedes in this game because they all sound amazing and I can’t stop driving them. I thought I’d try and get some better shots of the SLS, and tried to focus a bit more on the location of the shots as well. Still just messing around with the settings to see how they look.

“That awkward moment when you’re parking your car and then…”

:open_mouth: They are beautiful! The second shot looks like one you would find in a magazine.

Your rainy close ups of the Mercs are awe inspiring, I especially like the above.

I do have one piece of criticism however, on your shots with the cars with plates, even though I like them as it turns them from track to road cars, I don’t think they are quite UK number plate looking. Letters look too chunky. That could be because they are vinyls rather than bolted though? Or the fact I’ve lived abroad for too long :wink: