Body Kits etc. .For Seriously?

I cannot get over how hideous the body kits are (bumpers, spoilers, hoods)

They are so rediculously ricey . You seriously have to try to make them that horrible!

The forza front bumpers would be cool if they didn’t put the carbon fiber pieces on the sides of the bumper.

I also don’t understand all the offroad body kits…
Sure it’s cool on trucks & stuff… but street cars ??
You have got to be kidding me.

I cant be the the only one that feels this way right??

Well in the wrc in the 80s and 90s they used extensive lights equipped on cars there there for a reason lol they still do now

Yes, many of them are hideous. And they’re based on real parts sold by real companies to put on real cars. There’s no accounting for taste. Some people like those things.

The carbon fiber pieces, often called ‘dive planes’ or ‘canards’, are functional pieces to produce downforce, and thus are completely appropriate to be there on the race-oriented FM aero parts.

The rally parts are actually pretty awesome if you understand the history that they represent.

Just be glad they have some lol.

So people like them and some don’t. Sure they could have better kits but seeing as I could just not use them and the fact that there are REAL problems with I don’t really care

Keep in mind, add-on parts and even rims, are those which are approved under licensing my the individual manufacturers and not up to the choices of the developers. The various makes/models of the cars are to be depicted as legally approved by the manufacturers as contracted. There are real-life reasons why we can’t just slap any rims on any car, and that goes for the body kits, too.

Totally understand. You all have made very good points.
I didn’t mean to be a hater , everything I said was my personal opinion.

97 kouki, your right. & prolly 95% of my bumpers etc remain stock.

I completely understand rally racing accessories but I also know there are some great looking accessories & some ugly ones lol.

All in all , each to his own.

Some people only have one type of taste & that’s in their mouth : p

Snowowl, thanks for your input .

You make a very solid point, licencing from manufactures has got to be a very tough battle.
I agree that it’s really not the developers.

Thanks again

I wouldn’t mind some wide bodykits or huge flares for my jdmtyte whip though