Bluetooth soloution?

I’ve been using my Turtle Beach headset wired through my television. I’m looking for a bluetooth set to do away with the wires. I’ve seen several sets starting at $200.00 up to $300.00 online. I’m looking for some input on what else is available. It seems that a nextgen console shouldnt have a gaggle of wires attached to it. I have several bluetooth headsets for my phone but havent seen anyway to use them with my XBone…Charles

Xbox One does not have Bluetooth compatibility, as far as I know. You might check with Xbox Support: Xbox Support

Okay, understand that…Are there any ways to connect my existing headset to my xbox that dosent involve splitting the wire on the end of my Turtle Beach set? Right now I’m using the earpiece and mic supplied with the Xbox, modified (broke off the head strap) inside the boot on the TB headset, it works but is somewhat uncomfortable. I play mostly at night when others in my house are sleeping. So using external speakers is not an option for me. I’m just curious as to how other gamers have dealt with this situation…Charles

I have same issue because I use a wheel instead of controller and am not able to communicate while online.
So would like to know of a solution to this also.