Blizzard Mountain - Scoring the points to get 3 stars

So i have been struggling alot, with all the races where you have to earn skill points to get 3 stars, i started struggling from the one with 175.000 and above.

Any help or tips?

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You could just blueprint longer race, much easier then to achieve your goal.

The race he means from mem is a point to point race so a tad hard to make longer better to drop to a D or C class car with high HP

Just make the race longer so that you have more time to get skill points.

You can also use one of the Horizon Edition cars with the Skills Bonus. Other than that, a slower car (A class worked really well for me) allows you more margin for error…

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Get a Subaru Brat and upgrade it to D500. There are several tunes in the garage, including mine, I use the 3.3 Litre motor. Now set up a Vans & Utilities Blueprint and you will find all the other vehicles on the grid are Ford Vans which are easy to beat giving you the time to do the required stunts. I usually leave the difficulty set to Unbeatable and I’m not very good, but lower it if required! Sorry, forgot to add you don’t use Snow tyres in the tune.

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Thanks i will try this :smiley: does it work for all the other score point races?

It took me a while to get all 160. Around three days in, I figured I’d just run my A class 037 on each of them on the easy drivatar difficulty. Slower cars and easy difficulty reduced retries tremendously.