Tight Bends speed zone, how I hate Thee.

it’s my last star to get, highest I can get is 55mph I need 5 more. I’ve tried every legitimate line in about 20 different cars trucks and suvs… I gotta be missing something. what’s the easiest car to get the 3rd star on this one? Or is there a corner to cut that wont fail you or something?

Destroy the tree in the middle of the run and cut the turn. Worked for me, but it still took a while.

Centenario built n tuned for rally.

Sorry, that is just wrong. No Lambo should ever be a rally car.

I finally did it! there is a good angle to start from, on the downhill side, angle yourself to go straight through the speed trap and up the hill aiming for the point where the track makes the turn out of view & over the hill. You will only need to make that one turn and should be easy, if you get the angle right.
I used the new Jaguar F-Pace SUV.

I have found that if you switch to the hood view cam it can Somtimes help with getting the through speedzones. Also for the 2 right up from the drift zone in the right side of the blizzard mountain I used the new Aston Martin with awd added from one of the car packs, it handles pretty good in the snow for what it is.

You can pretty much straight line it in a truck once you have cleared the trees… I used the rally fighter…

I eventually got it in the mid-1980’s Audi Rally Car with bodykit and full downforce.

I got it in Ken blocks car. Start at the bottom and come in from the right side going up. You’ll get a bit of air as you cut the corner and the wheel speed jumps to 110 or so. I finally finished it with a 65-70 speed.

My hardest one to get for the 160/160 for the ram runner (which is sitting pretty with a bid of 3.6 mil :slight_smile: was the lambo speed run. One star and labeled. Really feel that one should be labeled medium of not hard.

Basically what everyone said about starting from the bottom and cutting over the hill to through the “end gate” at the top. I am not sure if this is the way the designers intended this speed trap to be completed, a part of me wonders if it is possible to three-star this trap while following the actual road.

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My S1 Bowler was able to 3 star everything in Blizzard Mountain without taking shortcuts. If you find a strong car and tune it just right, none of the Blizzard Mountain PR stunts are all that difficult … but driving in the snow and controlling the throttle to keep up momentum is kinda tricky.

Yes it is… but it might drive you crackers trying to get them…

I Used the Straight through way from the bottom, It worked for me as my Best ended up being over 100mph