Blackscreen in league mode

So, i dont know if im the only one with that issue but every 2nd or 3rd race in league mode i get a blackscreen when the game loads the cars and I loose pretty much all of my points because of that. Doesnt happen in normal multiplayer or singleplayer and it sucks ass. Fix your game T10…


Either that or disconnected during 1 st lap. Happening every 3 to 4 races for me. Zero disconnects in regular or private multiplayer. I’ve also noticed that when the lobby is completely full these issues arise more often.
I’m going to try leaving the lobby after 3 races and then rejoin to see if that helps.

I’ll never understand how MP continues to be so popular when all I see on these forums are new MP problems popping up every day. I tried playing leagues. The Ghost one with Hypercars. Obviously, I’m a little biased here because the hypercar class is one of me least faves, but it’s what I had to play because the Hot Hatch one was only available between 3AM and 7AM my time. Yeah, that makes a WHOLE LOTTA SENSE. Cars are pinging left and right across the track (which is about as immersion-killing as you can get.), connecting takes forever – even then, you’re lucky if you don’t get disconnected for whatever reason – and it’s just one big exercise in aggravation and frustration. Why so much time and labour gets spent on developing this stuff, I’ll never understand.

In leagues AND class hoppers for me.

Been having this problem in leagues today. I didn’t have problems the past 3 days.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you already have tons of problems with a game and instead of fixing the problems you just keep throwing things on top creating even more complicated problems. I’m willing to bet we wont see a fix until Forza 8… although I have my doubts because problems from 6 still haven’t been addressed.