Best long custom routes in FH 4

I love to take part in very long races from custom routes like The Grand Tour v2, Cerberus and Difficult Colossus, do you know and can recommend me more? Finding in game isn’t that good because I can’t sort from the longest to shortest.

I mostly prefer those settings:
-longer than 40 km (but can be shorter if good)
-medium or hard to drive, not based on straight lines (maybe with tight sections)
-only with “Anything goes” without class requirements to try every car I want
-type doesn’t matter, I like offroad, cross and road
-season, weather and time also doesn’t matter



I’ve got decent one. Modified Goliath 696 354 619
2 laps. Test and tune or just fun.

50km rally stage by PTG ConnerSpeed.
Stage share code: 924 574 177

This is what I drive a lot, especially during Winter season. No highway miles, lots of “country lanes” in it.

Share Code: 274 210 661

39.9 Miles long, all pavement.
238 Checkpoints, no tricks or traps.

This route is set for Track Toys - if you like it, let me know, and I can share an “Anything Goes” version. Should take around 20 minutes per lap.

Driven it a lot recently, Do like it a lot, would be fun to have a Anything Goes ’ Version.

Oh yeah, this is what I like too!

Some of my latest favourites:

496 490 233 - 64.2km Summer dirt race by SOULTAKER080491

106 677 276 - ca 50km Winter dirt race by GARFRA

126 487 449 - 64.4km Autumn dirt race by JURRASIC574866

677 233 282 - 40km Autumn dirt race by BUKSIKUTYA77 (very interesting finish, don’t use Unimog ;))

110 517 557 - also long Spring dirt race by M1K3G3TZ, but only rally cars allowed

Please share more, guys!

Over the last two years I’ve created a race for almost every starting point, and a separate event for each season at each track, but now I see the Share Code system is broken and I’ve only got one or two variants available out of the maximum five slots for every custom race starting point. Kinda sucks. Hopefully Playground can get the Share Code system fixed and all 130 variants of my races will be available someday (to be fair I just found out about this because I’ve never tried sharing races before).

Some pointers before starting.
Checkpoints in Cyborg GT races are used to communicate direction beyond just having a marker in the sky, when you’re going a Bazillion Miles Per Hour toward a secluded intersection it’s nice to have a heads up what direction you’re supposed to turn.
When approaching a flagged intersection at high speed I will usually have a series of two or three checkpoints indicating direction.
The first checkpoint will have one flag on the shoulder line of the road, and the other flag far off the road to the other side in the direction you’re going to turn.
So you want to hit the flag on the shoulder line to set up for the apex of the corner, e.g. on a right hand turn there will be a flag on the left shoulder, try to hit the flag on the shoulder line of the road.
The next checkpoint marks the Apex… sort of.
Almost every intersection where you turn has one of the flags planted squarely on the center line as you approach, acting as a visual marker saying your current direction of travel is ending, with the other side of that checkpoint marking the “Apex” of the turn, except the “Apex” is usually somewhere far off the road behind some stone walls or in a bush.
This means while the races are almost entirely high speed road races, you “can” cut every corner to an exaggerated degree, but it’s up to you to decide if driving though the trees and stones at a given corner is worth your time (to be honest it’s almost always “yes”).
You’re usually going to want to hit two flags at a marked intersection, first the outside flag to set up before the Apex, then the inside flag marking the Apex.
If the road gently forks there should be a flag on the center line of the fork you do not take, so that flag serves the same purpose as the flag on the center line of a “T” intersection (it’s not 100% consistent, often times you’re just expected to follow an obvious checkpoint in front of you, some of these races are over a year old and the design style has shifted a bit).
Lastly, sometimes there is a checkpoint after the corner with no flags on the road, when both flags are off to the side of the road, that means you’re probably not going be changing direction for a while, or if the road is long enough that you can’t clearly see the next flagged corner I “try” to keep one checkpoint marker in the player’s vision, but again it’s not a hard and fast rule.
On rare occasions I do leave room for a cross country shortcut.
Tracks are usually intended to run with a “go with the flow” type of logic, if you can’t see the next checkpoint then just maintain momentum and follow the road you’re already on, it should get you there.

Each race has been timed with a stock Pagani Huayra to give an approximate Total Race Length for the average Supercar (S1 900).
In this listing “Race Time” (XX Minutes) is the sum of all laps, so a long race with 1 lap travels far across the map (these are all Circuit Races because I like to have Endurance variants, again hopefully those will all be available sooner or later).
(Night Races are set with Fixed Time Progression, the sun will not rise. Night time in this game is way too short.)

Cyborg GT Round 1
-Summer, Night Race, 16 Minutes (1 Lap): 117 774 878
-Spring, Wet, 17 Minutes (1 Lap): 164 643 892

Cyborg GT Round 2 Under Construction
Cyborg GT Round 3 Under Construction

Cyborg GT Round 4
-Summer, Night Race, 14 Minutes (1 Lap): 150 167 495
-Spring, Foggy Nightmare (1 Lap): 125 744 008

Cyborg GT Round 5
-Summer, 6 Minutes (2 Laps): 140 282 935

Cyborg GT Round 6
-Autumn, 8.5 Minutes (1 Lap): 742 725 166
-Winter, 20 Minutes (2 Laps): 906 921 562

Cyborg GT Round 7
-Spring, Wet, 13 Minutes (1 Lap): 496 122 038

Cyborg GT Round 8
-Autumn, 9 Minutes (3 Laps): 124 487 112
-Spring, 15 Minutes (5 Laps): 144 641 194

Cyborg GT Round 9
-Spring, 5 Minutes (1 Lap): 800 174 255
-Spring, Wet, 20 Minutes (4 Laps): 180 179 367

Cyborg GT Round 10
-Spring, Night Race, 18 Minutes (1 Lap): 155 328 085
-Summer, 52 Minutes (3 Laps): 746 912 009
-Autumn, 18 Minutes (1 Lap): 115 711 315
-Winter, Blizzard, 18 Minutes (1 Lap): 154 531 553

Cyborg GT Round 11
-Summer, 10 Minutes (1 Lap): 174 011 102

Cyborg GT Round 12
-Summer, 12 Minutes, (1 Lap): 634 702 941
-Autumn, 22 Minutes (2 Laps): 107 369 772
-Spring, Wet, 12 Minutes (1 Lap): 261 558 771

Cyborg GT Round 13
-Winter, Blizzard, 11 Minutes (1 Lap): 111 848 745
-Summer, 22 Minutes (2 Laps): 215 220 188

Cyborg GT Round 14
-Winter, 12 Minutes (1 Lap): 658 248 544
-Summer, 48 Minutes (4 Laps): 125 873 494

Cyborg GT Round 15
-Winter, Blizzard, 18 Minutes (1 Lap): 911 981 739

Cyborg GT Round 16
-Winter, Blizzard, 15 Minutes (1 Lap): 184 451 182

Cyborg GT Round 17
-Autumn, 5 Minutes (1 Lap): 122 218 026
-Winter, 11 Minutes (2 Laps): 103 072 004
-Summer, Night Race, 16 Minutes (3 Laps): 134 824 384

Cyborg GT Round 18
-Complete Code Generator Failure

Cyborg GT Round 19
-Summer, 35 Minutes (2 Laps): 920 115 238
-Spring, Wet, 17.5 Minutes (1 Lap): 525 612 148
-Shelby Legends Cruise 67 Miles (2 Laps): 109 852 078 (Unique Track, Carroll Shelby cars only)

Cyborg GT Round 20
-Spring, Wet, 14.5 Minutes (1 Lap): 145 784 240
-Autumn Enduro 72 Minutes (5 Laps): 172 869 847

  • Winter, Night Race, 43 Minutes (3 Laps): 113 395 367

Cyborg GT Round 21

  • Summer, 24 Minutes (2 Laps): 167 133 693

Cyborg GT Round 22

  • Spring, 11 Minutes (1 Lap): 142 440 172

Cyborg GT Round 23
-Spring, Wet, 13 Minutes (2 Laps): 934 889 973
-Winter, Blizzard, 6.5 Minutes (1 Lap): 176 978 020

Cyborg GT Round 24
-Summer Enduro 2 Hours (9 Laps): 144 131 505

Cyborg GT Round 25
-Autumn, 13 Minutes (1 Lap): 990 225 214
-Winter, Blizzard, 13 Minutes (1 Lap): 800 588 913
-Summer, Night Race, 13 Minutes (1 Lap): 982 036 555
-Spring, Wet, 26 Minutes (2 Laps): 554 420 499

Cyborg GT Round 26 Under Construction

Thanks for checking out my Races and Have Fun!

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I should add that these races are intended to be played with Driving Line OFF.
If you do turn the driving line on it’s going to look pretty wonky because I had to drive all over the place to get the flags in the right position.

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Nice, thank you all for response. I have many custom routes to try now :slight_smile:

But I am still waiting for another events so if somebody have favourite or created custom long races, share it here please!
I will also share my own. I posted it before here -

WOW - Mighty Golem Path is EPIC - just what i needed sumtin new - many thx plz make more - do a supercar 1 :slight_smile: cheers much luv - FB

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Summer Roadtrip is a really nice course, thank you for sharing!

I also want to share something - my second long route. I named it The Serpent Trail because it leads through tighest sections on map, mostly asphalt but not only. Share code - 173 168 238. Feel free to check and leave a comment.

PS. I think I had a bug while creating an event. I checked dynamic time to start event at morning and finish in the night but nothing is changing through 20+ minutes, only weather. How to fix it? Or maybe time is static when playing first time before share and next one is working correcly?

160 433 792
102 354 506
988 562 356

Who of you remembers Outrun?
Yeah, that vintage game…
Well, I made a simple route with some highway and country exclusively for Ferrari cars.

I hope you enjoy it with your friends!

Share Code: 641 297 924.

I am currently testing all routes you shared here (thanks for answers, btw :)) but not only - I created two more long routes.

Ultimate Fortune Rally - 245 812 751 - Rally event on Fortune Island which leads through almost every route in expansion and also on the beach or in cave. It’s probably the longest rally race on Fortune Island because I never saw longer - 43.9 km
The Fog Journey - 744 580 851 - 100% road race in UK, it starts afternoon with strong fog and ends in the night in Edinburgh - 64.4 km

Anything goes so try any car you want. Have fun!