Best Jumping Car?

hey guys!

What is the best distance jumping car for the danger signs?

I have been using the Bugatti but it’s a heavy beast. I am off to try everything in an Ariel with an S2 tune, see if that works better.

Any other decent suggestions?


I used the Koenigsegg Agera RS with all wheel drive and everything upgraded and I got 3 stars on all of the signs.


I also the Koenigsegg Agera RS with all wheel drive. X class tune

Any X class hyper car. The trick is keeping the power to the road, so that you can line up the ramp

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That plus offroad tires when there’s hardly tarmac on the approach line.

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You can engine swap a Toyota Baja truck and change the gearing for speed. It woks really good on the offroad ones.

For all of mine I found that the Ultima 1020 to be the best. I have a tune on my storefront that makes it ideal for Danger signs.

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Massive thanks to @AlPhAcEnTuRiOn2 - His suggestion of the Ultima 2010 and his tune is absolutely perfect. It made getting 3-Stars very easy.

Cheers mate!

Awesome! Makes every danger sign a breeze! Thnx :slight_smile:

I can’t find your tune, did you delete it?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will definitely be getting that achievement soon.

CSR02, the Agerra tip has worked so far. Thanks!

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Try the Alumicraft with jumping tune.

Got all bonus signs with this awesome jumper.

Frog eyed sprite?

I use the Agera RS most of the time with a number of different tunes depending on the run up to the danger sign…

I thought that the Ferrari 599XX E would be best because of its massive speed.

An AWD Vulcan with rally tires and turbo swap can stay under 998, grab wicked air, get you from area to area easily, and looks the part if you put RAF roundels on the sides.

if you have all cars and all dlcs then: agera rs, mosler, shelby king cobra, 599xx evo
if you have only standard game and no dlc, only autoshow cars, then try aventador 2012 or cars similar to lotus eleven or jag d-type

That Shelby King Cobra maxed out if it smooth, Toyota Trophy if its really rough leading up to the Jump

Lotus Eleven with an engine swap. The power to weight ratio is insane.

I know this is a kind of an old post, but I am going to post this just in case anyone is still coming here for guidance (like I was). I have found that the local motors truck with all upgrades, lowest pressure tires, soft springs, and a good gear tune, lifted as high as possible, works best for most offroad jumps.

In the last couple of days I have managed to rise to the top 1% on several of the danger zones using the Mosler. I have been able to exceed the 3 star distance by 300 feet or so by using this car and finding the right path.