Best car in each class spreadsheet/list?

Does anyone know of any?


I needed it for single player races and rivals. Is there a leaderboard for rivals? I know there’s not one for single player routes.

There is leaderboards for rivals
They are only for summer though
But there is 1 for every single route

Where? I can’t find it in the rivals tab in the menus.

Rivals → Race Discipline Rivals → (choose a race type) → (choose a track) → (highlight a class) and press Y for the leaderboard.

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Just click on ‘Y’ for changing rivals will open the leaderboard

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Thanks guys!

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Just to note that the top rivals cars may not necessarily be the best cars for actual racing (particularly in lower classes). RWD builds are a lot more useful in Rivals whereas in actual races the usually sluggish start will often leave you near the back of the field, with your extra pace then been less useful as you have to overtake everyone.

That said, still a very good starting place to work out the best cars though.

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I use this:

Then there is ofc testing the car with setup and sometimes I pick something else, as the best car just doesn’t work for me. I do like to drive cars with handling, not really a fan of sliding all over the place.
Also setups from IsuckAtDriving/Grandma Driving, Valorster and Don Joewon Song usually work for me (that is if I don’t come up with decent setup myself).

I found the Johnson Racing spreadsheet yesterday evening after watching his video. Thanks for the other 2 as well.