Best Buy Ultimate digital not emailed?

Anyone else who pre-ordered the digital Ultimate Edition from Best Buy not get your game code yet?

If they are anything like Amazon, you might be able to get the code through your order history in the store.

Thanks for the reply but there is no code attached to my order.

Amazon is unable to ship their physical ultimate editions as well, I’m not sure what the deal is.

I ordered the digital ultimate edition from Best Buy’s website last night at 7:36 PM and received the code for the game 7 minutes later. Still haven’t received the pre-order bonus code, but I don’t think that is supposed to be emailed until October 2.

Anybody who preordered the digital Ultimate Edition get their code from Best Buy yet? Best Buy says they are waiting on the codes from the game publisher.

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I have not been emailed the code yet, told me to wait 24 hours yesterday after going to store and calling customer service, again. Pretty furious at the situation.

I purchased Forza Horizon 4 digital version at a Best Buy store on Friday October 5th and never received my digital code for the game. I contacted them on Saturday the 6th and they advi me that they have not received the codes from Microsoft and that it could take 48 to 72 hours. It is now Wed Oct 10th and Best Buy is telling me that there is no ETA for my code… They keep telling me that Microsoft has not given Best Buy the digital codes yet…What gives?

Try Microsoft support
No point asking here
But really it’s only Best Buy that can help you

Why not just ask for it to be refunded ans buy straight from the xbox store