Best Budget Forza Wheel

I am currently play on an XBOX ONE S and is looking for a wheel to play multiple racing games (FH4, FH3, FM7, F1 2021 and newer horizon and motorsport games)
Any options are appreciated but i am looking mainly at a budget wheel ($100-$500

hello !

So I would recommend the Hori Overdrive (the new one), if you look on the internet, a lot of trolls will say it is a shitty wheel (they only look at the price) but I own 2 of Hori’s wheel ( the PS4 version and the Xbox One S version) so it is safe to say I like it.

Price point : circa 100 $ (it actually depends of your region, but you can find sales on those)
Quality : actually pretty good for an entry wheel
Cons : - no force feedback but it doesn’t bothers me

  • a bit tricky to tune at first, but it is okay ( I think you have to take time for all wheels)
    PRO : you can set up 4 profiles on the wheel so while driving you can change profiles easily (I have profiles set up for FH, FM and others franchises)

Note : people will say it is shit but they are bad drivers, I own those wheels and I have no problems in making really decent times on racing games

On Forza Horizon 2,3 and 4 : it is really cool to drive around and even race

On forza Motorsport 7 : tuning the wheel is a bit tricky but doable

So to sum up my long mess jaja, I would recommend this wheel (it is a better experience than the controller) but tastes and preferences are different to everybody,

do your search and you’ll eventually find what suits you best

If your budget is $200-$500 you’re firmly in the Logitech/Thrustmaster zone, either of those companies offerings will give you what you’re looking for as well.