Bernese Alps (Forza)


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Bernese Alps

Bernese Alps is a fictional permanent course set in the Swiss Alps. This location was created for Forza Motorsport 4 and was included in FM5, FM6, and FM6.

See the making-of video on Forza’s YouTube channel:

We need Bernese Alps but not small circuit i mean instead of course must be long road for Sprint race like Nordschleife etc.

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Excellent suggestion! Please Turn10 offer us a road like the late Fujimi kaido like technical mountain switchbacks.
Suggestion :
Close to Lauterbrunnen, a city present on the Bernese Alps circuit, is the Grimsel pass, a road which would be an incredible more technical portion to connect with Bernese Alps in a new circuit configuration option. We can imagine a belay on the shores of Lake Brienz, a very fast section, and then arrive at the start of this mountain road of the Grimsel pass which is quite wide and contains fast, winding sections, hairpins, tunnels and all this with a view of breathtaking landscapes. All the details in link and in photos.
Imagine this route in the new GT3 RS at sunset!
Would be magic! Thank you for thinking about it for the future FM :wink:

Wiki link : Grimsel Pass - Wikipedia


This would be good to see this track in FM as a post-launch content the view from the track is beautiful ! :slightly_smiling_face:


I love Bernese Alps soo much! Very different than most other tracks!

Would love to sse this track post-launch. Fingers crossed.

I love this track and it’s variations plus the magnificent scenery views. Would really welcome seeing it in the game post release please.

Both the festival and club circuit are amongst the best fictional tracks ever included in a Motorsport game. Really hoping this makes it into FM.

This one is definitely in my top 5 from all the Forza games, I would be ecstatic if they brought this it back. I had a GT-R that I absolutely loved running this course with.

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