Because we do not race with identical cars in the free play?

the forza offers several cars to monomarcas races to be made, such as Formula Ford, Mazda’s single-seat, should have an option in the free game to be able to choose identical cars, it does a great job

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When FM6 was released last year the AI drivatars could be any car from the same class as the players car which was pretty funny when an open wheeler from the late 30s was pitched against a car produced just recently. There was a lot of criticism from the players and T10 eventually relented and gave us the ability to select the Division from which the drivatar cars were selected and it was great to be able to race against a car matched to the player’s car.

It would be nice to be able to race against identical cars - but I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s a nice pipe dream but not a high priority for them this late in the production cycle.

Yeah but division is not enough, there should be an option to choose the family as well. FAMILY is already a tag for multiplayer races so it exists already. All Turn 10 have to do is to add it to free play and give a lot of cars a proper family since for now it’s just an empty tag for the majority of cars.

The aforementioned Formula Ford could just be the only car with the family tag Formula Ford. Same for the Mazda single seater and the OP’s wishes are fulfilled. There are other cars as well like the Maserati Modern GT car which is a one-make racer as well, same for the Lamborghini Galardo & Huracan Super Trofeo’s. Some other benefits are :

  • You could make some fun races with existing families as well, like for example set up a race with all family models of the BMW M3. Or the Lancer Evo’s. Or the Honda Civic’s. Etc, etc. Would be really nice!
  • You could further fine-tune the endurance prototypes division by using the family tag, give the cars their proper family tag like LMP1, LMP2, LMP900, C1, DP. That way you can do endurance races with newer prototype racers without having the old LMP900 and C1 racers in there (highly requested feature by the community). You can do the same with the Modern GT cars adding family tags like GT3, GT1, GT500. It would all lead to MUCH more realistic races in free play.
  • Give the pre-war Grand Prix cars from the 30s a family tag GP30s or something and you can set up free play races for them as well.

This game has so many cars and tracks it’s bursting with potential but somehow Turn 10 doesn’t seem willing to unlock that potential which is a real shame.


Besides rammers and corner cutters the “Free Play” mode is the most discussed “problem” here. And it still is the one thing that could be fixed sooooo easily but somehow it isn’t.

And while you could argue that some features would only please like 1% of the people actually playing the game, it wouldn’t hurt to give us more options that would basically please everyone at some point. They are all there but all over the place…Freeplay could be a mighty single player tool but it just isn’t.

Forza 6 seems to have all the pieces to the puzzle in the game but Turn 10 has not connected them for some reason or refuses to connect them on purpose. Maybe to steer players to the multiplayer side of the game? That is a terrible way to guide people to the most broken, unbalanced and wild wild west part of the game.

I don’t know the reason for not giving us more options in Free Play and the Features requested for Free Play have not happened. Forza 7 will be a better game if they put the features in Free Play that truly make it Free Play.


There is a way to race against identical cars on your own but you are limited to racing against just five opponents

What you do is set up a private lobby and make it so that others e.g; your friends can’t join it. You can then use the private lobby settings to set up a race against drivatars. The options are very specific which is great but it’s a fair bit of faffing about and you can’t save the settings

It would have been great if the same options were available in ‘Freeplay’ and you could race up to 23 opponents. I suspect that the developers were steering us towards the crashfest of public lobbies and the ghost leagues