Banned in FH2...for what? Please explain...

Sorry to ask, but I got a message to say I got a ban on FH2 and I dont even know what I’m banned from or for. The only thing I can see is the club option is not available. If it’s this - please explain what I did as the only ‘club’ thing done recently was to join OXM - the Official Xbox Magazine club. I’ve not played online yet.

I did follow the URL on the message but it doesn’t help. If I’ve done something wrong - I accept the punishment, but AFAIK I’ve not and the message tells me no reason…bit poor really!

I would suggest using the forum-search on the term “banned” and look for posts/replies from the admins/moderators.

Tried that. Only thing I found was others expressing a similar confusion and some blurb about not mentioning bans on the forums. Thanks anyway.

I just got off my week long ban ‘for no reason’.

Apologies for your frustration, however you should contact Turn 10 at

Bans or enforcement of Xbox LIVE’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are not discussed on the forums.