Banned? For what?

Can somebody at T10 please tell me why I was banned from the storefront? All my designs are mine, and were transferred from Horizon 1, and none of them have any offensive material on them. I haven’t done anything such as exploit the Storefront, or glitch a leader board. I sign in today to see how many credits I have, and instead I get a message saying I’m banned. Can somebody tell me why?

The message would be correct. You posted a livery which was created by an artist who did not give you permission to be selling, let alone bringing in into a different game by importing the parts.

If you happened to obtain one you didn’t create from someone else, that would be a long gone friend real quick, because it just cost you a ban.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct by the developers are discussed on these forums. You can write them at Because of the heavy workload, your 148-hour (7-day) ban will probably be over before you will receive a response.