Badges: W Motors Badge Missing

There doesn’t seem to be affinity badges for Opel or W Motors, the two new manufacturers with the latest DLC pack. I know this happened previously with other DLC-only brands (Terradyne and Caparo spring to mind). They were evidently added at some point, but there are issues unlocking the badges - if my reading of the situation is correct, I’d say that there are two affinity counters for each brand. One unlocks the mod card and is always correct; the other unlocks the badge, and is the source of unlocking problems. I think it was acknowledged that cars used in showcases could have their badge XP attributed to the wrong brand; I am guessing that when affinity badges are added at a later time, the XP counter does not take into account XP that has been built up already.

I’m not expecting an answer on this one - I’m just posting this here for anyone who is noticing oddities with their affinity badges.

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I have reach Affinity level 25 using the Lykan and the W Motors Crew Mod did not pop. So I continued to race a few more time and still no message. I looked for the manufacture badge and it is missing.

Is this the same for everyone until there is a patch?

I think so - there is no badge available for W Motors or Opel. I’m waiting for the badges to be patched into the game before using them, as I think the XP counter for the badges will not take into account previously earned XP.

Incidentally, I’m guessing from your position ahead of me on the TrueAchievements “Driver Level” table that you’ve maxed the affinity for the other 82 manufacturers!

I have 45 or so maxed and 20 or so about to max. It usually takes about 4 hours per manufacture but you can max a manufacture in less than an hour and a half by using 100% Affinity or 100% XP mods on a long track running 24 laps or more. If you take into account that it is about 14,880 xp per Affinty level you can see how much each free play race will give you for the laps selected.

I have had this issue with max Affinty before but not a missing badge. When they do fix it, I won’t mind driving the Lykan more because it is a great car in the game. It is what I hoped the 458 or 458 Speciale could have been in R class.

Yeah, I’ve maxed out everything except Opel and W Motors, and just need to go back for a few missing badges for brands that were affected by the Showcase XP bug. Judging by my experience with Caparo and Terradyne, DLC-only brands that have their badges added later only start counting XP from the time the badge is patched into the game. Which unfortunately means I have another hour or two of driving the Terradyne ahead of me :frowning:

I have the same problem as you Swooshiain in regards to the Caparo Badge not unlocking but the Mod Card has. I will keep driving and hope it unlocks even though I must have over 500 miles on that car.

Hey, I thought I started this topic, LOL.

I had about ten manufacturers in the end where the badge didn’t unlock at the same time as the mod card. Further racing did unlock them all eventually - it’s handy when you have tens of millions of credits to spend on mod packs to get plenty of XP boost cards!

And I think the moderators merged your thread with an earlier one of mine :slight_smile: