Backlist Racing: An active racing group open to all

Hi All,

I am an active member within a racing community, that is always looking for more of you to join!

We call ourselves the Blacklist - with the '05 most wanted style Blacklist serving a large influence on how we run.

All racers are welcome, just ping me a message on xbox so that I can get you added to our Discord server. My gamertag is: BoomslangUK .

Some things about the Blacklist:

  • All competitive races are S1 road.
  • Most lobbies during the week will be a whole bunch of different types of fun online races though; we are trying to make a proper multiplayer environment which promotes racing whenever and with whoever without the infuriating nature of Team Adventure (in its current state).
  • We have a separate leaderboard for those wanting to master times on tracks - with specific cars.
  • The large majority of us are active tuners and race route content creators. For example, my personal favourites are rally pure dirt races so I will often host pvp fun lobbies for that.
  • The discord is worth joining just for tuning advice.

How the Blacklist weekly events work:

  • Every weekend we run the Blacklist.
  • The Blacklist involves 1v1 best of 1 races, where drivers will callout the player above them in the Blacklist. Every week these races will be run one by one and fair and clean racing must be used during these competitive events. Further rules are explained below and on the Discord server.
  • We also run competitive championships on some weekends to shake the table up, where drivers compete for points.
  • If a driver who has been called out does not come to a race night, they automatically lose. Likewise, you can be called out on racenight and if you are not there you will lose the spot. This just encourages people to race regularly if they want to progress and stops the leaderboard becoming stale. The Blacklist is competitive but friendly, we hold nothing against those who only want to compete every few weeks.

The Blacklist main rules (send me a message to join the Discord to see all the specific rules):

  • All Blacklist competitive races are road S1.
  • All drivers must choose their car and stick with it. If you change car you will have to climb the Blacklist again. We often reset though as it keeps things fresh - our main goal is for things to be fun not aggresively competitive.
  • NO AWD swaps. Cars that come AWD stock are allowed though. RWD swaps are allowed.
  • All other modifications are allowed, including engine swaps.
  • If a racer rams or uses unfair racing tactics the race will be rerun.

Even if you are not keen on the competitive weekly Blacklist events, send me a message ( BoomslangUK on Xbox ) as we are always helping with tuning, running races and other events.

If you send a message, please tell me if its from seeing this post.


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