Looking for clean racers or leagues to join

Hello all.

I am just looking for a group of friendly racers that want to do track days or any reccomended active leagues to join that mainly race GT cars (because I am usually better at driving those). If anyone wants to race together you can add me on Xbox Live TheNameIsRyan24.

Disclaimer: I will always try my best to race cleanly and not torpedo into the back of you, but if it happens I apologize ahead of time because it is never on purpose and is due to lack of attention.

Thank You,
See You on the Track!

The two that I participate in are: TORA and Casual Racing Mondays. Both very good and both have very good drivers, typically.

Hello, I run something called “Weekend Class Racing”. It is what the name states, we do class racing on the weekends. They are in private lobbies, without those pesky car banlists or dumb class/track combos like rio mountain in R class. Were starting lobbies again on the 1st of June, you can read more about it on the thread here: https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst118778_Weekend-Class-Racing--Fridays--Saturdays--and-Sundays.aspx

If you are interested in being a lobby host as well, feel free to message me.