B class Charger Daytona (open source)

here’s a little something that ive been working on.

race intake
sport intake manifold
race carburetor
race exhaust
sport cams
race valves
race engine block

race suspension
race rollbars front and rear
sport rollcage
sport weight

street transmission
sport driveline
race differential

sport tyres
front tyre width 245
rear tyre width 315
Advan RGII rims
front rim size 19
rear rim size 19

front forza aero

28.6, 28.5

-1.7, -1.0
0.1, 0.3
5.8 caster

19.79, 28.7 rollbars
705.7, 677.5
7.3 front and back ride height

6.9, 7.8 rebound
4.8, 4.9 bump

128 front aero
479 rear aero

10% decell

does a 7:45 round the ring (61st)
works pretty much everywhere.
tune is also shared, if you’s cant be bothered entering the numbers.
hope you’s enjoy.

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just built, will run tomorrow. Thanks for a b700 build share.

I’ll give this a go. Again this might seem abit in orthodox but have you tried +0.2 rear camber?? Seems to have the odd effect of stabilising the rear and creating more grip o.0

Hey Tank!Glad to see you’re still playing and tuning.I Cams? What the hell?(just kidding). Cams don’t seem to have such a drastic PI hit as in the old games. What are your thoughts on this? I think it’s about time for you to build a Camaro for the Ring.:slight_smile:
Will give this a shot! Thanks

yeah, came out of retirement… i put cams, because it revs higher, and i like the sound of it when it gets up near the red line. yeah, i could have used different parts, and got a few more hp out of it, i’d end up reving it to high, and spend most of my time out of the power sweetspot, so the extra hp would end up going to waste.
but, thats the beauty of open source, add grip, power, whatever, once you use it, and alter things, it’s your tune now…

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thanks for the advice and for giving the tune a go.

Did some rivals races with your Charger Tank…Good job on the tune!Thanks

Here some laptimes from me Tank

Road America Alt 2.33.739 #145
Sebring Full 2.23.327 #466
Road Atlanta 1.32.587 #339