AWD Swapping and the STATE of Multiplayer

Ah yea hm good point. Actually now that you mention it I’m struggling to think of an AWD car that exhibits lift off oversteer in FH4.

(Side note I’m too tired rn to think about this critically; also I’m not to smart about them 911’s since I usually avoid driving them much)

I think the biggest problem in B-A class is track/circuit length. In many rivals events RWD power builds and FWD handling builds do well, but in multiplayer with a cap of 3 laps and sprints that generally only average 2-3 minutes, AWD has too big of an advantage due to it’s launch, wet weather handling and resistance to ramming. I hope sprints will be more in the ballpark of 4-5 minutes in FH5 and circuits will be 4-5 laps, as currently too much time is spent in loading screens while playing multiplayer and not enough actually racing.

For S1 and above AWD meta is pretty ridiculous, although in the sterile rivals environment some RWD cars are broken due to the PI system not really taking into account TCS & 1000+ bhp

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This is a RACE. The point of a RACE is to cross the finish line first.

Yes, there should be a way to promote clean driving/punish dirty driving, but promoting non-racing by rewarding things like drifting and hitting fences isn’t a good way to do it.


I just had to comment on this (I realize it’s a bit off-topic). I don’t support this line of thinking in the gaming world; reason being, there’s nothing at risk. In the real world you’re not going to ram drivers off the track, or in a wall, or in a tree. Why? Because either you or the other driver could face serious injury or fatality.

Crossing the line first in FH4 doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the fastest, or the best. In some cases, it only means you’re more devious than the other drivers. Sure, the XP Championships in FH2 & FH3 were better; however, I have come to realize that system will no longer work in FH4 due to the New Perk System.

I think the following could work better for online racing.

3 Elements to Manage Online Racing:

Damage Control:
Just like some of the Story Board Challenges where you are required to drive from point A to point B with the least amount of damage to the vehicle. Add this to online racing; giving a penalty for damage.

Clean Racing Perk:
Give some sort of bonus to clean racing. Perhaps speed could also have a bonus but not wreckage, drifting, or other perks.

Finish Position:
Obviously, the finishing position should have a perk as well, still allowing for the faster, more experienced drivers to gain a benefit.

Yes, you can critique this idea, and I admit, it needs a lot of thought. But I also think it could be the foundation to a fair online racing environment.

Just played H3, filthy as ever. Not sure where you are finding this “clean” racing lol They were all literally all of them smashing each other and me of course. Quit the 4th race as they went berserk on me cause I came in 2 in the first 3 races. All Forza games are filled with wrecking and cheating. Nothing and nowhere is sacred. 10% of people want to race. It’s sad.

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Horizon 4 definitely has the advantage of ghosted lobbies. Sadly, outside of S900 road racing they are low populated. When we met yesterday in A800 road racing the maximum of players were 4. Not that exciting.

OT: Thanks to the PI miscalculations for AWD swaps builds like A800 California T or the new 718 Cayman GTS are possible. Both are not particular good at A800 but fiddling around in the upgrade section to downgrade cars into a lower class is quite entertaining.


H3 was actually fairly clean for a while when most people migrated over to H4. Now it’s turned toxic again. This is mostly from a club consisting of 3 numbers in the tag and an “S” after them. They don’t like to lose and will take each other out to take you out. I’ve blocked several of them because of this. I basically don’t do much gaming anymore because toxicity is running rampant everywhere. I’m down to playing H3 once a week and only on Blizzard Mountain with friends. It’s completely dead over there and we have yet to have any random person join the room. Best racing I’ve had in ages.

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I think sim damage, rolling starts, and maybe mandatory difficulty settings (eg traction control off, manual, no abs) would help with a lot of these problems.

I’d certainly be very very interested to see what a mp race like this would be like in horizon.

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I know, it’s a shame but sometimes A gets a few more at that time of day. I wish more people would come to the ghost, it’s so competitive. It is too complicated to find it in H4. Ghost was packed in H3 until they gave too many options. It was way harder to find people after that change early on in H3.


First of all sorry for the bad english i’m Braziliam and my english is very bad

-Problem: PI calculator is broken if you play FM you know AWD need less grip than RWD/FWD but the calculator thing everyone need same, AWD swap on mid/rear engine lower PI and on front engine the AWD swap cost is very low, rally tires on mid/rear engine lower more points on AWD than RWD(opposite will be the correct) , spoiler lower PI on AWD this is very wrong even FWD spoiler on minimun downforce make a huge help increasing stability.

-Solution: Lower Pi of RWD/FWD or increase Pi of AWD, change spoiler on AWD to increase PI instead of lower, change rally tyres to lower more Pi on RWD than AWD.

-Useless history: I never had problem with drivetrain until FH3 when i started to hate AWD, FH3 i decided focus on online races first month everything okay my Jaguar as a S1 beast, days later the fast AWDs started to appear but nothing really fast until a F1 and a SLS appear racing crazy fast after this AWD as like a infection spreading everywhere and everyone as infected i as using OP AWD too(V8 swap Evo X as my main S1) i imagined “okay i’m a noob thats why i can’t drive fast RWDs” month after month things getting worst for RWD/FWD “okay AWD is OP but i’m sure will be fixed” after 1 year thats when i reached my limit, online lobbys are like 12 cars 2 AWD and other 10 are AWD swap, thats when i abandoned AWD my win% lowered from 46% to 18%, i decided to learn to tune looked everything forums of every game and real life tune calculators and everything else even after the best i got is 25% win% my fastest S1 a F1 GT making 420+Km/h easily got a top goliath lap but still losing 75% of races because even if my car is faster start of race give a very big advantage to AWDs and every mistake or problem during race my RWD cars get a severe penalty because if somenthing go wrong its hard to recover, FH4 i imagined “things will be different” but its pretty much the same “outsiders” of RWD/FWD think its good but still basically a FH3 again the difference is because now its easier to drive and its only because now handling is a lot more important than on FH3 thats all, if RWD/FWD be OP i will understand as its OP because its harder to drive(exactly like turning assists off) but its the opposite the easy mode is OP and the drivetrain swap just made things worse because now every car can be AWD.

One tip for RWDs, differencial Acceleration 100% - deceleration 95% if the car understeer is because suspension not the diffencial i never tested this on FM(i use 75%-50%) but work on every FH

-Fun fact: on the first week of FM7 i seen a lot of FH style tunes online mostly old muscle cars and all of then failing in the first corner lol even i has winning for 10-20 seconds and i’m completely noob on FM after some days i returned to FH a month later when i returned to FM i as losing for 10-20 seconds :joy: if FH keep this way maybe i stay on FM, i love everything on FM only reason i like more FH is because open world