Auto Steering Feature

Can anyone agree with me on the fact that there is absolutely no point to adding the auto steering feature? I understand if the devs had good intentions with the feature however its being exploited to the point where tons of players are eliminating the whole point of the game. If they wanted to add auto steering why didn’t they just add it to cars that have auto-pilot/steering irl? Why add an assist that I’m pretty sure they knew was exploitable? Anyone agree with me on this?

Edit: I apologize deeply if I offended anyone, I didn’t realize at the time the feature was to allow people with disabilities to be able to be included fairly within the player base.

Auto-steering was added to allow players with difficulty holding controllers to enjoy the game.


IDK, they could use keyboard with their working hand/foot.
If I would be disabled to that level that I need to use assisted steering/braking and just press gas to drive, I would just watch streams or something. Thankfully I don’t have to think about that.

Yeah i figured that over time, completely forgot about that with the feature at the time of making this post. I apologize for not realizing it at the time

The devs eliminated the whole point of the game by being able to unlock each festivals big race and get into the hall of Fame without ever having to complete a single race. Autosteering the very last problem for this dumpster fire

I quite like the autosteer feature no one is forced to use it if they don’t want to.

I’m going to try it, just to see what all the fuss is about.
But honestly though, if people use an accessibility feature to cheat that’s on them not the devs. If it wasn’t this it’d be some ill advised memory mod, etc
People been cheating in games since games were invented.

But to answer your question, no, it’s not pointless and it shouldn’t be removed.
It’s obviously not helpful to you, but to someone with fine motor control problems, it allows them to take part.
With it the game is more inclusive.

I’m yet to be convinced of any real impact on other players, so if it means more people can enjoy the game, it’s a good thing.

edit: to be clear, I’m going to try it from the perspective of “If I’m going to have an opinion on something I should at least know a little about that something”. I’ll see how it handles driving against unbeatables, how it handles vs a human (I’ll race a friend). etc


I did a few runs. About 10.
Aim was to drive just letting the game steer.

This mode glues you to the driving line.
It doesn’t overtake, in the event you go off track, it wont intelligently avoid obstacles.
If you turn assisted braking on as well, it’s a little easier to drive just using accel/deccel controls.
Even then in S1 road racing I had to have all assists on and AI set to Above Average to have a chance at 1st place.
In X class, I had to drop the AI to Average, and even then they kept pretty close.
And try beating a human with auto-steering on? that’s tough, and mostly because the driving line Forza generates isn’t ideal, so you’re often the wrong angle on the corner, not taking the best edge (inside/outside) to overtake etc. I played a few laps with auto-steering on, to see if it could give me an edge, and user-steering just isn’t precise with it enabled. It pulls you back to the line no matter where you are, so good luck cutting the corner at will, or cleanly overtaking.

Bottom-line: In my opinion there is no way someone driving with auto-steering is ruining the game for anyone else. Zero chance.

If anyone is exploiting it, they are no different to any other memory-hacking cheater, and I really truly believe they’ll be in the minority.

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i did go too far by saying it was pointless, and i my mind was totally clouded while making this thread. im happy the feature is in the game in regards of letting people with disabilities be included in the fun of the game. just saddens me to see people exploiting it

IIRC, in one of the Motorsport games you were actually able to hire AI drivers to do a race for you. I seem to recall doing that as well as using the assisted steering to get through some of the Endurance races.


Not much of a game when you enable this. More like watching a movie.

The only way to fix this is to put it in a special version of the game, a version like the Special Olympics version. Even cheats don’t want to buy a separate game just to cheat. If it costs a lot of money to make another version of the game it could be Kickstarted easily. Lots of people will pay money to help those with disabilities.

That’s akin to saying they shouldn’t put handicap parking spaces in front of normal stores. Instead, they should build a whole new handicapped store.

You claim to be offering a solution to a problem, but you’re really making a problem out of the existing solution because you personally don’t like it. And it’s arguably offensive to essentially say you don’t want people with various physical challenges to be playing this game - “you people don’t belong here” as it were.


You are now making offensive posts. I did not say any of those things. They would have FH5 with aids added to it, and we would have FH5 without aids added to it. Same game, same servers, just eliminates the cheats from using those aids. You guys make offensive things up in your head.

They already have a version with the assists. We’re all playing it. So the more logical solution would be to make a new version without the assists for… elitists to buy and feel better about themselves? In any case, your suggestion doesn’t really make any sense if the games aren’t segregated. The assists couldn’t be forced on in one version over the other as different people in one household could be playing the game. So anyone interested in “cheating” would just get the full version. Which would leave anyone concerned about it still sharing space with “cheaters” even if they themselves got the version that had no assists.

Like I said, you’re not offering a solution to a problem, just making a problem out of the existing solution.

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You would need proof to buy the game with your disability proof. This game would have an update to take the aids out of it. The people who need the aids would get an update for free separate.

Really regretting unblocking your post, but it gives me the opportunity to say this:
That’s really offensive to people with any kind of special needs and totally unnecessary.

The feature cannot harm your gameplay, you wont even know it’s happening.
If you don’t like that it’s there, and it hurts you so much to think about it being there, go play another game.


Your reply is actually the offensive post, my reply was a solution post.

There’s nothing to solve. In fact, that’s what makes it offensive.
Suggesting that something which helps people with needs be included should be removed and that those people should instead be isolated is fundamentally awful.

edit: I do not for a second believe I will penetrate your conscience here, so I wouldn’t bother replying - this has served as a good reminder why I had you blocked. I wont be clicking ‘unblock post’ again any time soon. Ciao.


How are they isolated, you are still making offensive posts, and distorting the truth. Please block me, because your posts are offensive, and I don’t want to see them.