(AUS) GT Series sign ups open

DoNothingClub GT Series Regulations and Supplementary Rules

sign up here - https://forms.gle/U1ZL1dHpAWqSJLqv8

GT Series is a 10 round championship using 12 selected FORZA GT cars. Thursday nights from 8pm AEDT
You will get to choose from 12 GT cars from Brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz & Porsche. This series has build limits & restrictions to keep racing as fair and close as possible.

–Driver Expectations–
All drivers competing in the GT Series are expected to have respect for every other driver on the track, and not act in any hateful manner to them either through Facebook or under race conditions, any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. You are expected to
obey All instructions given to you by Admins. Drivers are also expected to follow build limits and restrictions. Failure to do so will result in the driver or team being excluded from the Event/series and or further sanctions as deemed appropriate by the Admin.
Admin team.

–Entry Regulations–
Drivers MUST use the designated car/s specified in the Regulations. This is to make sure that everyone has a fair chance in the race and to ensure that drivers are not cheating. You may not change car after sign up unless given special dispensation by an ADMIN. Drivers must all use THEIR Registered number and car (allocated after sign up is completed), failure to do so will exclude that person from scoring in the race after a single warning.

–Driver Classes–
when signing up choose whether you would like to be in Pro or Am class, there will be separate points for each class, teams will combine both drivers points.

–Success Ballast–
Top 5 in overall points will have a 5% power handicap, this will update after each round.

Brands Hatch [3x Sprint]
Hockenheim [3x Sprint]
Maple Valley [1x Sprint, 1x Feature]
Mugello [3x Sprint]
Nurburgring [1x Sprint, 1x Feature]
Road Atlanta [3x Sprint]
Spa-Francorchamps [1x Sprint, 1x Feature]
Bathurst [1x Sprint, 1x Feature]
Suzuka [3x Sprint]
VIR [3x Sprint]


  1. The Cars
    The cars featured in this Championship will be as follows;
    2017 Aston Martin
    2017 Bentley Continental
    2018 BMW M8
    2014 BMW Z4
    2014 Chevrolet Corvette
    2014 Dodge Viper
    2014 Ferrari 458
    2016 Ford GT
    2014 Jaguar XK
    2014 McLaren 12C
    2014 Mercedes SLS
    2017 Porsche 911

Build Limits & Restrictions
R840 Max
Stock Tire Compound
Stock Rim Size
Stock or Sport Rim Style

  1. Teams
    You do not need to be part of a team.
    Teams are made of two drivers that score points towards a teams championship.
    In this Championship you will not be required to use the same car as a teammate if you form a team to collect team points.
    Liveries DO NOT need to be the same as your teammate.

  2. Liveries Specification
    Your livery cannot contain any profanity (Nudity/swear words/etc.) or Tobacco sponsorship.
    You need the Official Number box Provided by GT: DNC STU . This Number box needs to be present on both sides of your car in clear view and of adequate size…
    You need to include the “Michelin” manufacturer decal on Both the Front and Back of your vehicle as this will be our “Title Sponsor”.
    Failure to meet these specifications will result in warnings and/or penalties.

  3. Car Allowances
    Up to 2 cars of the same make/model are allowed to race in the series.
    In the event of more than 24 people signing up, the limit will be raised to 3 cars per model and/or a second lobby being hosted.

  4. Qualifying
    2 laps around the selected track. Qualifying will work with the fastest clean lap. If you miss qualifying, too bad!
    A driver is required to allow enough space between themselves and the car in front. i.e. a 5 second gap to the vehicle in front.
    A driver not on a hot lap is to move off the racing line when a vehicle approaches to allow them past on their hot lap.
    Blocking another driver or preventing them from completing their hot lap may result in a penalty.
    A driver is to drive only within the confines of the track. “Confines” is determined as the white/yellow/blue/red lines specified in the track specific rule set. Any driver that is found cutting corners / chicanes may result in a penalty.

  5. Race Night
    Racing will last for
    15 - 25 mins for a sprint.
    30 - 45 mins for a feature.
    depending on track there will be different formats for example (3xsprints) (1xsprint & 1xfeature)
    Race 1 Grid = Set by Q1
    Race 2 Grid = Reverse Race 1 results
    Race 3 Grid = Reverse Race 2 results
    The race will commence approximately 10 mins after Qualifying has finished. When the race has started, drivers will go Straight from Grid positions. If positions are wrong, raise your concerns IMMEDIATELY with the controlling ADMIN. The Admin will advise on further action.
    Feature Races will include ONE standard pit-stop per car.
    When the race has started, drivers will go Straight from Grid positions.
    Should the first lap of the race see multiple drivers crash / in the gravel, the race may be red flagged and restarted.
    Cars that are lap(s) down from the lead of the race MUST give way to leading vehicles in no less than 2 corners when safe. Post race penalties will be applied if not adhered to.
    All races will have lobby settings as follows;
    Damage set to Full.
    Traction setting to easiest allowed “On”
    steering setting to easiest allowed “standard”
    Braking setting to easiest allowed “Abs on”
    Collision mode setting to “Always On”
    Every other setting to “off”
    The tracks, laps and environmental settings will be published at least 1 week prior to the event being held.
    During the race, if there is a large crash, Record you crash via the Xbox clip maker (if possible at the time) and send it into the ADMINS or the after round Incident report thread on facebook after your race if you want an investigation.
    Please remember that races will often finish late due to potential technical issues. Please remember that if you are taking part in a race that you may start late and make sure that you can stay for the duration of time required.

  6. Pit Lane Rules & Etiquette:
    Drivers are to file in and out of the pit lane respectfully. Forcing another driver(s) into obstacles or passing while entering/exiting may be met with a penalty post-race.
    Drivers are to obey pit entry/exit line marks on all circuits. Any incident involved with entering or exiting the pit lane may be met with penalties.

  7. Points
    Feature Races will be double points
    Sprints will be normal points
    Pole Position Qualifier - 10
    1st- 50
    2nd- 48
    3rd- 46
    4th- 44
    5th- 42
    6th- 38
    7th- 36
    8th- 34
    9th- 32
    11th- 28
    12th- 26
    13th- 24
    14th- 22
    15th- 20
    16th- 18
    17th- 16
    18th- 14
    19th- 12
    20th- 10
    21st- 8
    22nd- 6
    23rd- 4
    24th- 2

  8. Other supplementary rulings
    It will be each driver’s own responsibility to drive cleanly whatever the situation. If you cannot stay on track (whether through car damage, controller problems etc) you should park your car and alert a Admin member to help you with your situation.
    Missing more than one (1) round without prior letting Admin know will deem your registration invalid and you will be removed from the series.
    Participation in league competition implies a sound knowledge and understanding of all the rules listed here (subheadings 1 – 9) and the Official group rules. Dangerous driving, persistent unrealistic driving (driver aids that are not in the spirit of competition) or flagrant abuse of the rules can result in time penalties, disqualification, race bans and exclusion from the competition. Generally we prefer to warn drivers before taking serious action, however we do enforce them.
    Finally, we want you to have fun and drive well!
    Friendly competition is the only way to race…

10 drivers signed up so far, cars will be sorted with drivers this thursday via random lottery, sign up here https://forms.gle/U1ZL1dHpAWqSJLqv8