August 2014 Free DLC Pack

Just announced at. Gamescom, huge news

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Yes it is Huge news, I thought the update was to be released August 11/ 2014. It is the 12th today, just spoke with Microsoft Customer Support and they know nothing about it. When is it coming to Canada/USA? Does anyone know please?

With the Gamescon Xbox Press Briefing being today I wouldn’t have imagined T10 to release it any earlier.

It’s out today within the next however many hours mate!

2015 Mustang is also part of the pack


Awesome news! Is there a stream for this?

"For the first time in video game history @rollsroycecars has arrived, exclusively in Forza #xboxgamescom #Wraith "

“The all-electric @FIAformulaE Renault Spark is coming to #Forza5! #xboxgamescom

"How does the first @FordMustang GT with independent rear suspension handle? Find out in @ForzaMotorsport on @Xbox "




MUSTANNGGGGGGGG!!! oh, and a rolls too, cool

@majornelson on twitter tweeted a link to follow the stream


The Wraith looked stunning in the footage. Looking forward to the Formula-e rivals event. Wonder what the other cars are though, of course we know the Mustang. Loving all this free DLC.

BTW I’m watching the stream on my Xbox One. If anyone has one it should be on home, you’ll have to download the Xbox Events App if you haven’t already, but it’s the same one they used for E3.

And when it will be available?

The most recent content updates were delivered at 10am Pacific time, check back then.

Just a question what time is it now there? I am in Australia so just wanna know roughly how many hours.

10am Pacific time is 6pm British time and 7pm Central European time. It’s currently 7am or so Pacific time. That should give you enough to calculate what that is Aussie time. In about 3 hours. If ManteoMax’s release time is accurate for this pack.

About 3am lol ohwell

7 AM

On my iPad, so I’m having trouble posting the photo. Tweet from Xbox UK with image of Formula E:

THE 2015 MUSTANG!!! THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Ok, have to calm down, this is so exciting! Can’t wait for this pack! I love the Formula E car, that’ll be fun.

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Front page now says 5 new cars… “Free for all to enjoy”. Link is dead at the moment, so they are mid-update.