Audio on subwoofer

Hey all.

So. I’ve been hanging with the series since 2006 and to this day it is still my goto racer, and among my favorite things about it is without a doubt the sounds. The exhaust crackling and the combustion and power sending to the engine is unlike anything I’ve heard in a game.

In anticipation I bought speakers and a subwoofer to go with the game, and I’m noticing that in Forza Motorsport 7, sound is very inconsistent on subwoofer. For the most part collisions and bumps come in, but car noises just void completely on the woofer. It’s very jarring that cars don’t have bass at all. Especially at high volume when everything else is coming on it.

Now, the only time I’ve noticed car noises coming in on my subwoofer at all is when I spin the camera to the side in 3rd person, which doesn’t seem intentional. Is this a bug?

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