Audio - downshifting auto-blip sounds weird on supercars and cars with drivetrain upgrades (1770765)

Well in manual Carrera gt don’t rev +3000 rpm, it just revs to rpm limit, even if u cruise 50 km/h on 6th gear and downshift to 5th, it will go up to max rpm

I know exactly what you mean, but my Carrera GT doesn’t do it in manual or any other mode. Interestingly it is more than 3000 RPMs, but still not straight to the rev limiter:

I think gearbox damage only occurs if you’re shifting too fast and it has nothing to do with this weird downshifting behaviour, but it is a little bit more complicated regarding engine damage:
I haven’t really tested this, but I think if the engine of the car takes damage by hitting the rev limiter then the engine can also take damage by downshifting if the engine reaches RPMs that are over the redline.

The Carrera GT engine is not very sensitive to hitting the rev limiter, but it will take damage over time and I just tested it and it takes a lot of downshifts, but you will get additional 0,1% engine damage caused by downshifting.

The only way to damage engine, is to get over rev limiter, when u downshift to early. Even if u drive while time on rev limiter nothing will happen (unless u go downhill and go over rev limiter)

Like every second meta abuser in multiplayer does, and downshift to 2-3 gear while being in range of 4-5 the gear, to brake faster, but since there’s no sim DMG online… They can abuse it.

No, you can get engine damage by just hitting the rev limiter, it just differs from car to car. Try the Ginetta or the 1983 Porsche #11 John Fitzpatrick Racing 956, it is very easy to get engine damage from hitting the rev limiter or downshifting, because both cars have too much auto-blip as well.

Just tried it with the Ginetta and got engine damage on the uphill part of the Mugello main straight.

I will look into it tomorrow

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That’s precisely the issue!! And it’s getting on my nerves now because I usually have the amp turned up to try to enjoy the sounds.

The key issue is with normal manual on controller only - so exactly as you described, the downshift should not redline the RPM needle even if I’m just cruising or coasting in top gear with a really low RPM to begin with - it will still redline the downshift all the way to rev limit.

This is bizarre and needs to be corrected - not sure if it’s a physics issue or specifically with the way the game handles normal manual shifting on controller. I remember this being an issue in FM5 and 7 too. Some cars not all. Same issue has carried over here. I remember how the Aventador in FM7 had the most annoying downshifting sound because the RPM would almost redline even if you downshift at say 3-4k. And that’s a car that redlines at around 9k.

Please investigate and correct this. Not normal downshifting behaviour! @JetPartySalad

Also guys, let’s keep this on point please. The topic of discussion is not whether it causes engine damage or not, but rather it shouldn’t even be happening to begin with on controller where you are not using a separate button to engage/disengage the clutch.


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I agree that it is very annoying and by now I have a list of cars that I would be interested in, but don’t want to drive because they have too much auto-blip.

I just want to mention again that this is not limited to manual, immediate redlining or supercars:

  • This issue is also present when using manual with clutch, but can be different as we found out earlier.
  • As shown in my video the Carrera GT has very annoying downshifts, but does not redline, at least not for me.
  • A lot of race cars also have this issue.

I need to start up FM7 again and check the Aventador, because I never noticed it there, so it definitely got worse with the new game.

Sorry, I guess we should have moved / should move this discussion to the other topic about engine damage. It’s just that both issues are related, because engine damage is caused by too much rev-matching.

Thr abnormal downshifting never causes any engine damage unless you go out of your way to bounce off the limiter on every downshift.

They’ve programmed it this way, either on purpose to make driving easier so that the car won’t get upset around corners or perhaps it is an oversight.

Let’s keep this separate from engine damage due to downshifts because the “abnormal sounding” downshifts I’m describing is a different issue, causing no engine or trans damage through the course of normal driving and downshifting.

@JetPartySalad Sorry to tag you here, just following up on this. Will the team be improving the downshifting sounds?

We are closing out this issue. The developers have noted this issue as Fixed as of Update 10 on 07.10.24

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