Auction House

We all let F5 slide due to lack of production time. We dealt with features being excluded. Features we loved and that made forza such a fun game. Store Front and Auction house not being included in 6 is an outrage.
Please show togetherness as a community of players that loved forza for what it was. We don’t want to pay for everything that we should be getting out of the box. We dont want features like Store Fronts, Auction House, and Car clubs to be taken away. Instead we want those great features improved upon.
If you never used any of those then this thread isn’t for you, not only that those features provided much entertainment for everyone else and didn’t get in your way.

This is not to be muddled in the features wishlist thread*

If you look in that thread you see a lot of complaints about this as well as other threads. I’ve removed the “lazy and greedy” tag from Microsoft. This is a discussion soley based on the features listed above not an all encompassing discussion on ALL the things that aren’t included. This doesn’t violate the forum policy there for it doesnt have grounds to be locked as it just was.

It literally pains me to see a franchise I loved so much be voted on by our wallets. They’ve done so much right, but are taking this game in the wrong direction by removing specifically the things mentioned above. Again this discussion is to be soley based on Auction House.

There are a number of threads that have hashed over this topic.

I’ll to some extent miss the AH but its not the biggest part of the game & I also understand it caused many problems for the community as well as T10 over the years.

What issues did AH cause? There’s a reason so many threads have talked about this topic. The majority being the fact that it isn’t included. The people that have purchased forza for years want this back. Why is it that we’re consistently being ignored?

I’ll happily delete this thread myself if there is logic behind the decision. I bit the bullet on F5 due to the fact that it was already so rushed.

See your PMS and in future if you dont agree with a locked thread the correct procedure isnt to start another.

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