Auction House Snipers

What is up with all these auction house snipers? I just made enough money for the 992 GT3 and now I can’t even get it because of all the auction house snipers.

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Well some cars just have a higher demand than there are cars in the game,… some just have been in the playlist once.
Edit: The GT3 is a reward car on the end of this season, so you can earn one if you wait a little longer.


It’s the 40 point prize car in a couple of weeks so it should be more common and perhaps cheaper in the auction house. Or you could make the 40 points for it then.

Whether we like it or not sniping is pretty common and in all honesty I’ve done it myself a couple of times. Both in FH4 and 5. I was annoyed as well but in the end it seemed to be ‘part of the game’ and I learned to deal with it.


It always pays to look ahead at what the coming reward cars will be each series :slight_smile:

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Besides, in my opinion there’s a very, very limited number of cars worth paying a lot for apart from having the collection complete. I know not all those really rare cars are expensive, some seem to be capped.

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which leads to people not selling them,…

Agree. For a short while had that same attitude, in the end put almost every duplicate up for auction or gifted them out to ‘New Players’.

Well with the new glitch out I don’t have to worry about money anymore. I think it will probably ruin the economy of this game now with everyone just wanting to buy their way up instead of doing the festival playlist.

Did you really just admit to cheating on the game’s official forums?

Meh, farming an in game exploit, even afk, isn’t exactly cheating. At least I imagine that’s what they were talking about. CR exploits, XP exploits, big deal. Now, “training” programs that break the game and modded account services, that’s a different ballpark. I mean, even if they weren’t bad enough wth do people get out of buying, with real world money, everything in the game laid out. I don’t get it. CR and XP I kind of grok, it’s nice to have enough to do stuff in the game with, I still wouldn’t lay out cash for… it… umm, wait, does buying DLC count ? lol

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Taking advantage of glitches is defined as cheating by Microsoft’s TOS.

Right you are, I stand corrected, we can be banned for playing a buggy game.


It’s an interesting thing, this sort of point. The below isn’t an attempt at starting a row, just thinking aloud. I can’t see any black and white situations other than hacking “externally” and using hacked files.

Any files created by the game with a vanilla game is not the player’s fault. That stated some glitches clearly break things. For example, the post someone did where they described being able to do Eliminator without it being possible to get challenged to a race (not how it was done, just that it was possible and repeatable). The game works like that, but it’s clearly not supposed to work like that . . . so that one’s a more clear cut one BUT it’s still how the game is/was programmed.

For accolades, some are marked as repeatable. Most of those don’t repeat. A load of others do repeat but they’re not marked. Does redoing those count a exploiting a glitch? Clearly the idea is some can be repeated and they’ve messed up the implementation. Accolade points are pretty meaningless as things stand. I’m not very good at the game but am in the top 100 for accolade points. Doesn’t say much for what it means.

Now the AFK race. That sort of thing doesn’t actually do anything that the game isn’t set up to do. It might not be what’s intended in terms of playing, and they nerfed skill chains to hamper attempts at these things, but it’s dodgy if they simply state that “this blueprint is banned” or “you have been banned for using that blueprint”. Nothing to stop you using an AFK blueprint and not being AFK so how can a ban be judged anyway?

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Ok, maybe I missed the point prior,… I just noticed every car with a buyout price of 20M sells instantly. Seemingly by bots? If you use the advanced search and set the min buyout price to 20M either nothing shows up, or one car that is sold by the next time you search,…

Why would bots be buying cars for £20m when the best they can do is sell them on again for £20m minus the percentage the AH takes,ie losing credits ?
Bots would be picking up undervalued cars that can be sold for £20m

And that’s the reason why PGG nerfed the Wheelspins dramatically and we got all the lovely 1000, 2000, 3000,… Cr “rewards”. They should not have bothered! If certain players really want to ruin their game experience, just let them. Earning credits and slowly growing your car collection is part of the fun in the early game.


They’ll have fun with this one then as it’s a super 7 event in the game that anyone can stumble on with it under the trending today tab. YouTube videos about this glitch have 100k+ views.

It destroys the economy when everyone can get 999 million credits, but maybe they shouldn’t keep making bugs when they update anything.

They probably aren’t, you’re right, but… maybe they’re gambling on the game economy going to pot and that 20M limit being raised. I can see it happening. Unlikely sure, just not impossible. Or maybe they’re buying them for accounts ?

Holding cars is a way of banking more than the 1B limit. Then topping off again.

For a while though it means the playlist is probably the easiest way to get the cars, the 21 GT3 in particular.

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