Auction House Snipers

At the same time we have gazillions of '08 M3s (40k AS) in the AH for outrageous prices. Is that related? What the hell is going on?

I wanted a second Lynk & Paste touring car, so just went and got one from the AH without too much problem and I’m on console.

It’s just competetive because you don’t just have people who want to flip cars for profit, you have others like me who want duplicates set up and ready to go. I like keeping cars set for a purpose/in race condition if I can.


They will end up wiping tons of credits if I had to guess. The economy was already wrecked before the glitch was around. All the exclusive new to forza cars from the past seasons rarely came up for auction and you were one lucky SOB if you happened to snipe one. My advice to those of you that would like to hold your credits as much as possible is buy a bunch of the same car from the autoshow preferably an expensive car and use it as a ‘mule’ per se and sell them when the auction house comes back up.

PGG has already claimed they will not be banning anyone. Most of us are tying our credits into cars at this point unless they are going to be clearing out garages which really does not matter to me because I had most of what I wanted before. The economy is already ruined and I’m interested to see what will happen to the AH and whether or not it is gone for good.

since i can not obviously create a thread as a new user, i wanna ask here

is there any possibility for me to get a Nissan GT-R 2020 Nismo

i been playing this game for nearly 150 hours and its all i want to get from it