Attention to Deatil! (Now with Pics!!!)

You actually cut a swath through fields of poppies. It’s awesome! Any other stuff people are noticing?

The cars actually collect dust which is something that’s great to see! I love it!

You can edit your thread title but you won’t be able to edit this image! Behold your ironic shame




It’s ironic that he’s paying attention to deatils in Horizon 2 instead the special deatil in his thread name…

So… is he going to fix the error…

You guys are making my next 5.5 hours at work agonizingly long… but keep the details coming!

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YES! Turn 10 and Playground have out done themselves!! I can’t believe it actually looks BETTER then the screen shots! When they said actual in game i was like okay, those are bullshots but no… I cannot wait till this comes out! The attention to detail is insane, The trees move realistically and if the sun is at the right angle you can see the sun through the trees on the ground completely accurately… just awesome!

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I’m on demo now… Sitting in my lowered bowler( you can tune a little in the demo) in the rain listing to the water and thunder… Great job making it feel like a thunderstorm… Clouds rolling away and now the sun has started to set on a beautiful night… Playground nailed it… I only bought xbone because I saw this coming out…ps4 can keep gt6


Except it’s on PS3…


I had pretty low expectations, I wasn’t even gonna buy the game. Now, I’m gonna be getting the deluxe version.

Yeah, er that was delibreate…

My meds have made me typelexic. I literally fall over my own fingers on the keyboard, unless i type r e a l l y s l o w l y .

As for the game i’ve gotten some amazing views in helicopter view of the Tricolore race. The jets even have the no step decals and stuff. lol



Another thing I just noticed… I hit a npc car as I pulled off the road to park… I hit that car and now for ten minutes it’s still in its crashed position with its hazard lights on lol… GREAT JOB TURN 10/PLAYGROUND!!!


Have you exchanged insurance information, and have the police turned up yet? And you don’t have to call people who don’t play video games NPCs - that’s just mean. They’re people too!

EDIT: I just realized that perhaps you meant in the game. Did you? If so, my bad. :confused:

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LOL of course he meant ingame :joy::joy::joy:

Just to be clear; these and most of the other gameplay impressions I’m hearing about are from the demo, correct? Or are we in a Green Disk situation again?

from the demo.

Any word if there’s a 360 version demo, too? It’s 10 AM PST, and I’m not seeing anything.

No 360 demo. Only Xbox One.