Are we still doing very high rebound ? (among other questions)


I mostly lurk these forums but i guess i will have to come cap in hand to ask the experts if they are still tuning with high general. In Forza five i would be able to get away with 1 to 2 bump and 11 ish rebound but i since they have really scaled back the camber and bump is looking like it needs to be higher i wonder if they have trended the rebound lower in general.

Second question…
Usually i would tune more modern cars for A class but i find myself starting out in B class this time around and it appears that there are a lot more competitive muscle cars. I find that these cars sway alot as well and are not as crisp in handling… Any differences in approach for tuning and building these vs a more modern car ?
Any guidance would be great.


  1. Yes high rebound

  2. My general muscle car build is in the “flash tune” section.
    Modern cars are really good in B class… i love my holden even with 5.4 handling in B class which is alot

Yep … after typing this out i decided to put the theories in practice … Went to Cota to learn the track and work on the tune due to the kerbing on the track. High rebound is required no doubt… after some fiddling with the bump and rebound i was definitely able to get a more sustained grip on the kerbs. Bump appears to still need to be a few clicks higher however.

Ran a 2:24.6 on Cota GP with the tune unfinished … in the Genesis so i think im on my way.

Thanks much !!

The genisis will be a monster in b class… one of my favorite cars… hard to handle with power but man is it fast… enjoy the ride or learning to tune again… it never stops my friend