Anyone else's game get borked by the newest update?

So it seems like the Windows Store had an update the same day as FM7, and after getting an error when trying to update FM7, I used a wsreset. Once I went back to the store, and the store updated, it gave me a message stating that the FM7 app ran into an issue and had to be reinstalled. This would be the 3rd time I’ve had to reinstall FM7.

So I leave it downloading overnight, and it was stuck on “Installing” for about 6 hours with no progress. So I pause the install and resume it, only for it to tell me that it still had 98 gigs left to download.

I love this franchise so much, but I can’t believe that Microsoft would let a “flagship” title on PC have so many issues, or that they wouldn’t try to better coordinate Windows Store updates with game updates.

Anyone else’s game get jacked up after this update?

P.S. No, my PC is not a potato.

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The store is playing up for me too but on Xbox. It won’t let me play saying I don’t own it ON DISK :slight_smile:

I doubt it has anything to do with the update, definitely the store, or it could be my disk!

Yeah, the store has been saying for months off and on that I don’t own the game. I usually have to sign out and sign back in to my PC to get it to finally trigger and realize I actually own the game.

Yep my game wont even load after the new update. Freezes straight after the Turn 10 logo and boots me back to the dashboard. Sick of it.