Anyone else notice going through first trailblazer gate no longer sets route since patch

Going through first trailblazer gate no longer sets route since patch, not such a problem with singles as can preset end route.
but makes water achivement peformance achievement impossable .
Been setting route to second gate before start have prevously 3 stared both getting to second gate in time but lost time setting route to second end point run out of time would sumit a ticket but what would be the point.

Submitting a ticket is the only sure way your info will be read (by someone who may be able to fix it). Posting it here is not.

If you actually want something fixed, submitting a ticket is a way to go (it does not guarantee a fix, but it ensures your issue gets tracked).


It’s not impossible. Just go to the map and quickly set the route after you finish the first trailblazer. I did it last night but I did post in support issues about a bug that happened during one of my attempts.

I also sent a video of what happened with my support ticket.

That would explain why my set route had disappeared after I’d finished the first one…although it only took a second to load the map and set a point.

Best thing to do is go into the map just after going through the start gate. The clock is frozen while you’re in the map, so take all the time you need to look for the best route. You can go into the map as much as you want along the way and the clock freezes every time.

Wait, we were supposed to get paths for this? First time I tried this, I was just raging at how this clock is running for some reason (literally didn’t know what was going on) and I had no idea where I was supposed to go.
Then, doing some of the trailblazer things for the weeklies, I figured out what was going on, and just thought that the reason it’s called trailblazers is that we’re supposed to just figure out how to get there, ourselves. Which made 2-starring and 3-starring things pretty difficult.

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If you hover over the start gate on the map it shows you the end gate of the map. Click on the end gate to draw a blue line to it before starting the trailblazer.

Just to clarify for the two trailblazers back to back for the achivement, the clock does not stop in pause, before patch going though a start gate would automatically set a route to end gate.

That would have been much easier having a route. Probably best it’s not automatically applied to make it a little bit challenging.

Start at the gate in the mangroves. It’s the harder of the two gates.

That would be the ideal solution…however, the first Trailblazer goes North to South so it is easier to traverse. Doing the Mangrove one first means you have a lot further to travel between…not saying it’s not possible, just that it takes longer