Anybody buying FH2 for 360?

I’m buying it today because I don’t have $500 for an xbox one and FH2, but I do have $50 to buy it for the 360.

Anyone else that has it or is going to get it, comment with your gamertag or look me up.–> Anolen95

Surely I’m not the only one in this situation. Lol.

I’ll be on the 360 version as well. I’m assuming it will work with my Fanatec GT2 setup just like FH1 did.

Gamertag: e36 FTW

I’m buying the 360 version as well. As the recent purchaser of a condo and car, the Xb1 is not in my buying plans right now.


I’ll be on 360 as well. ONE was just released a couple of weeks ago where I live and I was on the balance for a while, but I opted to spend my spare cash on a proper Fanatec wheel setup this time around. Five years on the Microsoft WRW was finally enough. lol

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Don’t worry dude, there’ll be plenty of people to play online with. There’ll be one along shortly… lol

getting it on 360 unless a bunch of reviews are horrible and they completely gutted the 360 version. I am more than happy with what it has but i wanna see something


This! O.O

I will be getting it on 360, loved the first Horizon. Cant wait to play the new one.

I’m getting it for the 360 as well, but I’m not online (often). Only once in a while I’m buying a month of Gold. Perhaps that will change if the Crew for the 360 is any good and it needs to be online constantly. I’m hoping that they drop that requirement for the 360 version. If not, I may be online in time to come.

I’ll be on 360 also, don’t have the money for a One yet so you’ll find me cruising in 360 Europe.

GT: Kiya Dragon

Same goes for me, Xbone being too expensive AND having bought a 650€ Fanatec setup 5 months ago, i’m not letting go of my 360. All i hope for is that we get tuning. Please let me get Dat Camber Tho :wink:
(Also, E46 anyone?)

e36 here! :stuck_out_tongue:

getting it too. pre ordered months ago :stuck_out_tongue: will there be a demo for x360?

I too am getting the 360 version. I pre ordered it back in June and will play it with the Microsoft Speed Wireless Wheel.

Same, I’ll be getting it for the 360, I have FH1, now I’m getting 2.

Gamertag: shauz44

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I got it as well. I can’t afford at the moment to buy an XB1. Invite me if you want to play sometime

Really hope the car list for the 360 verison is solid since from what im reading it differs from the One version, my 2000 Cobra R better be in it main reason ill be geting the game

I’ll be on the 360 too. Just waiting to see if tuning is in on whether I buy on day 1, if it’s not it can wait a few months.

Will they let you carry over to the xboxone if you get it?

Probably not but if you like stacking achievements, you can get 2000G from FH2 base-game by playing both 360 and One version eventually.