[ANSWERED] Xbox One X. No more shadows at Night! [BUG or Downgrade?]

So this patch not repair it - I have PC version. All maxed out manually (not dynamic). Checked Daytona and cars not casts dynamic shadows form track lights. Silverstone the same. But both tracks I see nice shadow in pit (before the race). But only of car.

Com’on Devs!!!

1 by Konrad Bąk, on Flickr
3 by Konrad Bąk, on Flickr

On SPA - no shadows of driver and car in pit at all.

I just created a post about this and uploaded a clip where the track objects cast shadows. I distinctly remember seeing this in the Xbox One-X version and also recall how much I was admiring it at the time.

^^ unfortunately, it now appears that this is a PC specific issue as the car shadows at least are back on the one-x version. disappointed not to see shadows moving behind track objects on the ground/grass.

I’m on PC. Just did some night racing and the shadows are beautiful. All objects cast shadows properly and headlights cast realistic shadows on everything including surrounding cars. Looks perfect to me. Maybe it’s a video chip/card/driver specific problem?

Can You make some screen shots on Daytona at Night? I try to clear nvidia cache in Forza user folder…

I’m confused. It’s just Daytona that has no object shadows? Earlier posts made it sound like it was all shadows at night in general, not just one track. I drove on Spa to check the shadows.

I know it’s a weird thing to say but I envy you PC users with your dynamic shadows behind objects and all… LOL!

Exactly. I cant reproduce so nice photos like in first post. On Daytona we have dynamic shadows made by front lights but not form track lights. On Road America (if I remember correctly) there is even no shadows form front lights (and track too). I will check SPA. I cant understand T10. So bad quality of programming. :frowning:

Of course cleaing the cache not helped at all.

I’m just confused at the title. Why would it be a downgrade? You don’t see them this late in development.

Rather disappointed to know that the One-X can’t produce dynamic shadows behind track objects.

Oh well… there’s always FH4 at 30 fps for that… but disappointed still.

I also noticed dynamic shadows not moving around my car when there’s an AI car behind me with headlights? Lights also do not move around in the dash like they do in FH4 (even at the performance setting) - rather the driver’s hands and feet light up - this is plain weird.

Just limitations sadly.

So July’19 update and still no shadows as in first post.

Next month (August) we will get final update of the game and it will be the end of support od FM7. So it looks it will be downgraded for good… :frowning:

The bug has been fixed on all platforms in the June update. Your issue seems to be related to your own config. Submit a support ticket. Re-install the game & GPU drivers.

So You want to tell me that now You can reproduce such photos like in first post (its Daytona, yes?).

I have newest GPU drivers. Game is up to date. I dont want to reinstall it. And also You have XBOX, I have PC version.

Yes. The Bug HAS BEEN FIXED in June. I have an Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC. All versions are working perfectly. This issue is on your side.

Dammed. So I dont know how to solve it. No shadows of car during race. Its in the pit but no it the races.


So I decided to explore the problem further.

And I found what is going on. At least in part…

It’s settings issue. I have high end PC (i7-8086K+RTX2080Ti) so I always set everythin to “Ultra”. I’m not using dynamic or suggested. Ultra setting is last and top… I thought so.

When I chandeg only one setting - first position form ultra to suggested (I don’t really know if its named in English version like that - I have polish language in the game) shadows showed up!
Shadow OK!

But above screen is a simple game capture. In photo mode THERE IS NO shadow on the track! I wanted to post photo but now Forza HUB Gallery isn’t working at now.

So I have shadow only during a race but not during replay and photo mode! There are also no shadows form track objects (like cone etc.) with car light source.
Shadow (no from cones) - dynamic

On ultra setting there no shadows form track light but there are shadows with front lights,
Shadow Error (Ultra)
There is also a bug - on this ultra setting light cone form front lights disaapear partialy when track objects are in front off. Very strange.

This is an obvious game bug.
Request to TheMAK11 - You said You have XBOX and PC version.

Could You reproduce and check how it looks on Your hardware? On Daytona track.

Make screen shots, photos on photo mode and screen shots during replay.

  1. All on Ultra.
  2. First setting on Suggested.
    Thanks in advance!

I made a video.

Enable subtitles for details.

I checked one more thing. Video above is from RTX2080Ti. I checked my older platform with GTX1080Ti all bugs are the same except there is no front beam of light flickering on Ultra setting [when traffic cones are in light area]. So this specific issue is nVidia RTX related. But all other shadow bugs/errors/issues are same for both platform.

Wow - the sheer number of issues you PC owners run into. Forza is primarily an xbox title. I say get a one-x and call it a day!

Wow, i ve a xbox one x and fm7 and fh4 have issues with flickering lights and a corrupted flickering gps route. So you are wrong. The xbox on x is one Werk old and u can call IT New. Thank u for crap Microsoft. Tststs…

Can you describe issues with both games in more detail please? I own them both on my One-X and have not experienced the issues you are reporting.