Graphical downgrade after latest update?

Shadows can no longer be seen around cars when overhead track lights cast down beams - Daytona, Yas Marina etc. Also, overhead track lights do not light up the interior, neither are there any reflections or lighting effects in the cockpit to indicate that the car’s driving past tall and bright track/stadium lights.

Game has been downgraded visually since last update? Then there’s also textures flashing on and off on many tracks. I’m on One-X.

Chime in boys.


On PC I’m having problems with the textures in some circuits, shadows and objects that are blinking, it’s been happening since the last update

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the same on Xbox OneX ! What is wrong Turn10 ? Fix it now please.

More than likely just bugs. There’s no reason for a downgrade.

I’ve already reported here:

Please submit a support ticket like I did so that Turn10 is made aware of it and fixes it.

Thanks for the tip, I did. Now playing the waiting game.

Is anyone at T10 looking into this? Sorry, but it’s really annoying and I’m absolutely hating night driving in particular because of it.

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I played one race after the update and turned it off in frustration. Objects popping in and out all over the place.

It’s really ruining the gameplay for me, unfortunately. I wish they had quality tested the product to death before launch without the need for updates that break other aspects of the game. Only exception being car sounds - please continue updating those!

Please submit your tickets people - this must be fixed. Night driving feels like half a step backwards to last-gen.