[ANSWERED] Xbox One Sound Bugs

I am aware that the Xbox One version of the game has numerous sound bugs throughout the title.

I personally have experienced the following issues:

  • **Stuck Engine Audio-**The engine audio will remain stuck for about 15s. Shortly after the issue normally resolves itself. I have noticed this issue is becoming more frequent.

  • Stuttering DJ voice before a song- The voice of the DJ will stutter and then cut out just before the song. This always happens before a skill song.

  • Complete loss of sound- Occasionally all sound from the game including engine, music and SFX will become completely mute. The issue does not resolve itself and the only way to resolve it is to close the game down and restart it.

I have tested my audio output to ensure that the issue wasn’t with that and it is not. These issues have presented themselves after the latest update but have become more frequent as time as gone on. Please could you investigate these issues as they are frustrating to work with especially the last one. Also if anyone else is getting these bugs please post them so I know if this is just me or if other Xbox One users are getting this issue.


I’ve only ever experienced the stuck engine sound on any of my x1x

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I am experiencing every single one of those issues on my XBox One. In addition it seems after the update the engine sounds have become muddled and every other sound has gotten very “Tin-ie”

The engine audio problem was very rare at the beginning and got worse with each patch. Still there.

Didn’t notice any DJ problems but I do not know what a “skill song” is. Maybe I’m missing these and therefore the bug.

I had never complete loss of sound.

I tried ranked team yesterday and had quite loud noise from the right front for the full event.

One S

Exact same issues here! You’d think they’d fix the game before releasing fortune island!!
I’ve also had issues with the design editor crashing!!

I’m also having the same issues since the last update. OG Xbox One (since my Scorpio was shipped to MS for repairs).

Also alot of lag in the menus.

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Also have all 3 issues mentioned. Seems to only be getting worse and worse.

Yep, it does get worse with each update. It’s just weird, maybe something to do with communication with the servers. It’s fine for hours and then happens 20 times in a row. The flash sound from speed traps/zones does trigger this.

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I get them all, but I get loss of engine sound with buttons still making clicking sounds, so not total loss of all sound.

Same on all 3

I haven’t had complete loss of sound, but the other two I’ve had. The game sound also stutters a lot while I’m in a party, and it also affects the party sounds.

I also get everyone of these bugs I thought it would have been a priority in the last update to fix them they haven’t even acknowledged or spoke of a fix.

Yes I also get all 3 of these bugs on Xbox One S.

I’ve also get another one where the engine sound disappears. So you get all other sounds apart from the engine, that is quite unnerving, and can only be resolved by quitting and restarting.

Do we have any official line on these issues/bugs from the developers? have they even acknowledged these exists?

I also get all the issues you describe. I have noticed that the complete loss of audio seems to occur when I switched on my Xbox and resumed the game, rather than starting the game and loading normally through the opening scenes etc. I now completely quit the game when I finish playing and relaunch the next time I want to play. It does mean having to sit through 5 mins of loading before you can play but it does mean fewer audio issues.

I expect it will eventually be fixed. Roll on Fortune Island!!!

I have all three of those, as well as loss of engine sound today which makes manual shifting impossible. And other stuck sounds, like wreckage sounds repeating over and over. As others have said, it’s gotten worse, more frequent. The loss of engine sound is recent though.

So frustrating.

Same, all three original issues OP listed. It’s getting progressively worse on my X1S in the last week. Seems there are more and more times where only doing a full Restart (from within the Xbox menus) will restore the audio. This time it cut out during the intro and hasn’t come back. Here’s the kicker, all the menus sounds for the Xbox’s OS still work, like the “swoosh” sound when you hit the Xbox button in the center of the controller.

It’s sad that this hasn’t garnered attention from a single mod after months of issues. It’s worse that the operating system, the hardware on which it runs, and the game built to play on both ALL were created by Microsoft. This isn’t Windows 98, or Windows ME, get your it together Microsoft! That was 20 years ago!


Any mod want to comment on why these issues aren’t even being acknowledged let alone fixed?

You can submit all audio bugs here.

I have noticed all 3 of these bugs but I have found a temporary fix of sorts that seems to work for me when the engine sound completely disappears or background aounds disappear. You can change cars in the pause menu and this normally fixes the issues for me but it is also very frustrating when I’m having to do this every five - ten minutes. This issue has been around since launch day and has definitely progressively gotten worse. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet. I thought it would have been by the treasure Island or the Mitsubishi update but nope still there and become more and more frequent.

I can say that i have and do continue to experience the sound issues also. One thing that i can say has worked for me so far is to go to the main menu when the sound “lagging” starts and wait a 2-3 minutes then go back to the game. this seems to stop it. I get it really bad but after doing this and going back to the game i am able to continue to play without any further issues. Hope it helps some of you out. I did not test switching cars as the loading time are to much for me as it is. Please do let me know if this works for any of you.