[ANSWERED] Xbox One - Achievements Unlocking

Hi Nitro
I’ve noticed that the multiplayer achievements of: Gaining Experience, Nightvision, Rain Dancer and Devoted Racer have unlocked for me in the last 24 hours while not playing multiplayer. The closest I get to multiplayer is running rivals.

Its possible these were changed to be solo plsy . I got them as well but I’m not complaining. I don’t do multiplayer so this possible glitch makes me very happy.

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Yeah I have noticed this too and am similarly quite ok with it while I work on the Championships.

However I am having a bit of trouble with the Rivals achievement popping. I am pretty sure I have beaten 10 rivals with no assists on however It’s not only not popping but the tracking function on the achievement (% complete, often fairly flaky I know) isn’t going up beyond the first couple I managed during the opening week pre latest patch.

Should have banged it out then.


I have sent this over to the team to take a look.

Thanks for letting me know.

Hi guys,

I just wanted to give you an update here. There is a fix coming for this.


Don’t fix it before I’ve got them, I don’t play multi-player :wink:

Hurry man hurry!!! Honestly I say keep it as is and change the achievements to soloplay. Also for faster gathering on them free play works pass the line rewind rinse repeat.