[ANSWERED] One problem fixed, another one shows up (constant hitching/stuttering during races)

So I was experiencing an issue where I couldn’t start the game as it would tell me it is not available in my account… but I have managed to get the game working again thanks to me randomly just installing Forza 6 Apex, letting the game sync data, and then uninstalling it. So you would have thought I would go on to enjoy some racing…

Well, let me put it this way, this game is extremely odd when it comes to performance. I played a race earlier yesterday (rain+23 cars) and I did not experience any stuttering/hitching. However, today I did the same race and experienced stutter/hitching. These small stutters do not make the game freeze, but because they are so quick and happen so often in races it breaks the immersion. I know a lot of attention has been brought to this whole ‘0 core at 100% load’ thing, and I can understand why now. Now I don’t want to say this is the culprit because this is obviously something only the dev’s know, but I would like for this to be fixed. I encountered this exact error with Forza Horizon 3, and I remember it being patched eventually.

My system is more than enough for this game (7700K+GTX 1080Ti+16GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM+installed on SSD). I was getting the exact same stutters whilst playing the Forza 7 demo last week on the older Windows Creators build. At the moment I am using the latest Fall update which was supposed to fix stuttering. In fact I saw an article stating that apparently that Fall update solved all stutter issues in Forza 7. I only wish this were the case.

I have now tried various things to try to remedy this stutter, but I cannot seem to get rid of it now. I am thinking about refunding the game, but at the same I don’t want to because I know this has the potential to be smooth.

What resolution do you play at?

I play at 3840x2160, with everything set to dynamic, except the framerate I have it at 60hz with vsync. I have tried going down to 1080p but I face the same issue. I have managed to lower the stuttering (although not eradicate it completely) by re-enabling the gamebar through registry. I created a registry for the gamebar a while ago, but I deleted and has made the game up to 70% less stuttery. I also made sure game mode is off as my computer slows down to a crawl with game mode on once I exit the game (I cannot figure out why).

Try running a software called Mem Reduct in the background. And disable “Game mode” from the Windows game bar.


If you are having PC perf issues, please email forzafb@microsoft.com so Soy can take care of you.


I contacted that email couple of weeks ago regarding the stuttering in the demo, and even have the acknowledgement email. I will do so again for the full game. Thank you for the reply.