[ANSWERED] multiplayer - "this feature has been temporarily disabled"??

hi i just bought this game and loving the single player so far, but when i try to play multiplayer, it prompts me with the message “this feature has been temporarily disabled, please see forzamotorsport.net for more info”. i went to the site and am seeing nothing on this?
any help would be greatly appreciated.

anyone know what i can do? i already messaged forzafb@microsoft.com and haven’t gotten a reply. why the hell can’t i play online?

My situation is the same as yours, e-mail has been sent two times, and no reply, and my training and painting are not available, strong opponents and multiplayer games open as soon as it shows that this function temporarily unavailable!


We are answering the emails in the order they were received. Im sure we will get to it soon.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

ok. I’m sure you guys are busy, but I would like to play the game I just paid for.

why do i have to wait for support to get access to multiplayer? is this a joke?

go to message center on the game and look through the categories and see if u got a msg saying youve been banned cos that happened for me for no reason

I have no such message in my message center. I wouldn’t be banned, I just got the game a few days ago and I STILL haven’t been allowed onto the multiplayer. What is going on? Support won’t even respond. This is nuts.

well they banned me for no reason so i wouldnt be suprised if i were u

Bans are not discussed on the forums. You already know why you were banned and you don’t need to post about it on other peoples threads who are talking about something different.

In regards to not being able to access multiplayer, who is your ISP and which router do you use?

actually i dont know why i was banned mate because no one will reply to emails or talk to me on the forums so if u help me then i won’t talk about it then will i but u ignore mine and others messages so its not my problem

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Even if a game account is blocked, why is it still temporarily unavailable after replacing several computers and replacing several new accounts?

because forza developers didnt test the game out before releasing it so now everyone trying to play it has to suffer :slight_smile:

Oh that’s why?
That also why they don’t want us to post on other people threads but they hurry to close the one we just opened…

But the way, I have no message at all saying I was banned but can’t access multiplayer so I agree with him.

We play a ton of money and we can’t access multiplayer. Last Forza ever and be sure I will post this everywhere.

I paid 140$ for ultimate.

This thing is a joke…