LOL i dont know this is funny or not, have someone here banned from https://support.forzamotorsport.net/ ?

I dont know why (maybe because i always submit a report about FH4 problem)

I try to https://enforcement.xbox.com/ = i am fine, no banned
i try online on FH3 OR FH4 its fine
i try open my microsoft account its fine too…

any help?

This is a proof (screenshoot when i always want to log in): Banned proof

Already post this same thing https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst145413_BANNED-----FROM-https---support-forzamotorsport-net.aspx but no response , so i repost again.

If an account of a user was suspended on the support site it was due to abuse toward an agent or spamming tickets.

We don’t talk about enforcement specifics in the forums, but if you want specifics on your situation, message me directly.

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