[ANSWERED] Homologation?

Can anyone confirm whether the homogenisation from FM7 will continue in FH4. The reveal looked great, but this one factor destroyed fm7 for me, I put about 15 hours into a series I usually put hundreds into. I need to be able to make cats my way. FH4 is a day one purchase for me if it’s been dropped.


Untill now, no Forza Horizon Game on the Xbox One generation, had a homologization system, your opponents drive cars like you, but you get to choose how powerful

Yeah I know they haven’t, but no motorsport has either until 7. I’m hoping it’s gone back to class racing

I didn’t realize dairy farming was part of Forza 7. lol


Lol you know what I mean, that’s what my phone autocorrect to.


Just remember that the games are made by completely different studios, while they do share some stuff, they won’t necessarily have the same features.

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Yeah I know, bit this feature is the deciding factor on my purchase, so I’d like to know 100% before I preorder it.

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Seeing as how the game was just announced today I’d imagine you would have to wait as information pertaining to features is trickled out till launch day. No one knows yet.


Your are correct about the 2 different studios. However, this is the first year that I have seen Turn 10 studios take center stage during the promotion of a Forza Horizon game. Nearly every interview regarding Forza Horizon 4, that I have seen, has been conducted by a senior member of Turn 10 Studios, and not Playground Games.

The meat of the game is all T10 anyway, all PG does is the map, events and arcadification of the physics.

Power limit, tire width limit and standard tire compound are all realistic. What is not realistic is mixing Alpines with Evos.

All it needs is minimum weight, better rosters in each division and further restrictions like no aero (wings are OP in Forza) or no conversions.

The “pre-established” formula was one of the reasons FH3 competitive sucked. Imbalanced upgrade tweaks by PG completely imploded the class system. Impossible to balance since you have to take hundreds of cars into account rather than 20 at most. Worse, due to Drivatar system the bad balance of PI system in FH3 interfered with offline play and made me tone down the difficulty if I wanted to win consistently.

There’s plenty of lopsided divisions in FM7 but there are also many with multiple viable cars. Meanwhile the class system is ruled by EK9 Civics, Montreals, 33 Stradales, F50s, Lotus GT1s and 2016 Vipers like always.


Pls STOP Homologation!!


Motorsport games always had a set PI limit which we upgraded up to, Horizon games always allowed us to race with our cars upgraded to whatever random PI we liked. It’s a totally different philosophy for setting up cars, so I can’t imagain any compulsory upgrading system would or could apply.


Yeah, but there is difference with 7. Other Forza’s would let you bypass this to run cars stock, or whith whatever upgrades you wanted.

FM7 forced this into it’s gameplay, and although I respect that some people like it, for me it just ruined the game. I play exclusively offline and I see no point of a system like this. AI will adjust to you anyway.

I think we need a bit better balancing in Horizon, because B class and below was just a joke, honestly. But yeah, homogenization for everything would be bad. Maybe for some very specific events it could work, but all the time, not so much.

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I doubt it. You wouldn’t rock up to a street race/car meet and have dudebros put restrictors on your car or tell you that you can’t enter this car meet cos your tyres are too phat.


Hi guys,

We do not have homologation in any of the Forza Horizon titles.



If not homologation, what are “the rules of the competition”, then? Do we have Performance Index, car classes (A, B, C, D…) and types (Classic Muscle, Retro Rally, etc) like FH3? Is it business as usual for Horizon?

My bet would be something similar to FH3.
Homologation makes since for the Motorsport series as it is a thing in real motorsport, But it makes little sense with the free-form do whatever you want feel Horizon goes for. Anyone that was seriously worried about Homologation in Horizon must have some really pessimistic views on life.


This is vague. You could be talking about only past titles. Why not say Horizon 4, unless there is a possibility?

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How is that vague? FH4 falls under “any of the Forza Horizon titles.” Not to mention it’s in the FH4 forums.

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