[ANSWERED] Homologation?

Oh that’s not fair
I like homogenization
Can’t it at least be an option like stock

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Would’ve tied in perfectly with the tractors in FH4, even though they’re only traffic, lol

I actually loved that aspect from FM7 because it made races online more balanced overall, and they later re-introduced class-based racing so you do have the choice in FM7. In the Horizon series it makes less sense to put it because there is less focus on being faster and 1st in every race, you get tons of points for just driving clean and overall the emphasis is more on fun. I play a ton of Forza Horizon online, and it doesn’t bother me as much when I am not first. In FM7 however, that is basically my only goal is to be 1st each race.


Homologation very nearly ruined FM7 for me. Glad to see it will not be in Horizon 4.


Homologation improved Forza 7 ten fold for me but I agree, keep it out of Horizon.


Going by Nitro Glitter’s comment, I wonder if that means it’ll be the same system as FH3. Hopefully it is, it was probably my favourite implementation of the PI system in Forza, not being forced to upgrade your car if you didn’t want to, nor are you limited to what you can upgrade to since Drivatars will match whatever PI you are.


Homologation has made absolutely no difference to the way I play Forza, my proper gamertag account still makes plenty of money selling tunes.


Homologation is for serious racing games, like FM7, not for the likes of an open-world game like this where the participants are considered amateurs and not professionals, and races street rather than track. This game is all about having fun with cars, not track racing, so why would homologation come to into play?!

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I never thought I would see “serious”, “professional” and Forza in the same sentence. Specially when you experience the fascinating world that FM7 online offers, with all its great community of “professional” racers and amazing sportsmanship.

Forza is a game… A love letter to car enthusiasts. If you want close to “professional” racing, try iRacing or real life.

Forcing a feature that hinders a pre established formula does absolutely nothing in favor of the game experience. I personally don’t mind homologation. I guess it’s a good way to make competition more “fair.” What makes it unacceptable is the fact that it is not an option, especially offline where its existence is absolutely pointless and in some cases handled in a totally unrealistic or arbitrary way.


I’ve already pre ordered my copy of Horizon 4 and I was just wondering if you have removed the Homologation parts from the game because in FM7 it kinda killed the game for me as I enjoyed building the car to the standards needed for the race series that I was going to be doing, And if it is going to be included in Horizon 4 I would like to know as it would be the one thing that would make me cancel my pre order. Because Horizon to me has been the game where you could just buy a car and build it the way you want it to be as did the FM series till FM7 when it was introduced I can understand that it was to make sure that people playing online didn’t have an advantage over the other players but it sucked the fun out of the game in my opinion playing the career side of it with all other releases you had the race spec rules and you tried to build and tune a car to race in it. Please do not include it in this game

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There is no homologation in this game.

I want homologation
Forza 7 was better at this. Now I am forced to autoupgrade my car to the nearest class if I want to be competitive. Say, I want to compete in the seasonal event where the restrictions are A Class and Super Saloons. If I want to compete in Kia Stinger (715 PI), I have to autoupgrade it so I’m racing with cars of similar PI. And there is no such option before a race. The same applies to MP which is based on classes. This is a very big problem for me. Why wouldn’t you implement homologation?

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No, thank you. But I want automatic winter tires in winter. Why do I have to go through all the cars and apply them manually?

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Homologation got so much salt for being the auto upgrade system in FM7. You just opened a can of worms mentioning this and wanting it FH4 lol. Just a friendly warning.

Homologation got so much salt for being the auto upgrade system in FM7. You just opened a can of worms mentioning this and wanting it FH4 lol. Just a friendly warning.

I like FM7’s homologation, I just wished that certain cars can be homologated to multiple classes.

IE: The 1970 Dodge Challenger is in the 70’s Street Muscle class but it should also fall into the Historic Road Racing class.

What we should be talking about right now is the fact that the word “homologation” is blocked by Forza’s language filter. I was trying to share a design with the word “Homologation Special” in the description but it blocked me because homologation has the word “homo” in it.


Blueprint in FH4 should give us ability to set custom PI limit! It’d make the game much better.

This right here is my biggest gripe with the Homologation system in FM7.
Overall I liked it, but it could have been implemented better. Allowing cars to qualify for multiple Divisions would be a great step forward for it in Future Forza games.

I’d also like to see Tiered Homologation restrictions for some divisions. Like Street Spec, Sport Spec, and Race Spec, with each step up in Tier having higher Tire compound, HP, and PI limits available.

Didn’t they have this in like Forza 2,3,4?

Instead of calling it “homologation”, every event had one or multiple restrictions.

-make must be american
-make must be from 1970s
-must have under 500Hp
-must be RWD.


You could bring whatever you wanted that fit under the restrictions.

I wish they brought that back.

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Microsoft’s filter, not Forza’s.