[ANSWERED] Car won in wheelspin not appearing in garage

I won the 1958 Aston Martin DBR1 in a wheelspin, but it’s not appearing in my garage.

I won two other cars in the same set of spins and they both appeared in my garage, but not the Aston. I currently have 533 cars, so it’s under the old garage limit. I’ve tried restarting my game, even unplugging my original XBox and letting it sit for a few minutes before restarting, but it’s still not there.

Just to add to the frustration, the autoshow says I own it.

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Same issue here. A Skyline that I collected from the auction house does not appear in my garage. This bug was also in FH3.

There is no known fix. The only way to access the car is to enter an event and select the car that way. Then go back to the auto show to add a livery and upgrade, etc. You will have to do this every time you want to free roam with the car.

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Thanks, that worked. I created a blueprint race and tailored it to the DBR1. When I went to choose a car, there it was. Still can’t get it through my garage but at least it’s accessible in some manner.

Please submit a ticket and attach a copy of those screenshots so our team will be able to look into this.


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Thank you, I will.