Anna setting routes

Hi. Can you stop Anna auto setting routes to events?


We wish


She never sets routes for me. Sometimes, maybe once a week she will SUGGEST something nearby but it gives me the option to say no or I can just ignore it. I’m pretty sure there was a setting at the beginning of the game that asked if you wanted her to set routes automatically.

I just wish that she would stop saying “Sorry, you’ve completed all of the blah blah blah, there’s no more fans to earn in Australia” after you’ve maxed out your fans. YES, I KNOW THAT ANNA. Stop punishing me for finishing the game.


Grab your magic gauntlet reach in the the TV and strangel the annoying one. I get the same message every time I go to the HW expansion really puts me off the game, some times I think it was a mistake to complet the thing. Thank the digital world I can not finish the Drift Zones on BM or mainland other wise I would be shooting me consol.

Constantly naged at by a gloryfied AI gps please some one kill anna or let us disable her complety.

I’ll be following a route that I set and then I hear:

“Earning stars from PR stunts is a great way to earn fans. I’ve set a route to a nearby PR stunt. Turn around when it is safe to do so.”

Thanks. Now I have to change the route back to the one I was already following. Why do I need “fans” when that element of the game becomes absolutely useless after the last festival expansion, and I’m almost at level 600. I don’t deal with it as much anymore since I only play the game when Forzathon is active.

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This hadn’t happened to me all game, but this past couple of weeks it happens every time I play.

Happened to me just now. First time I think it has happened. Just fricken automatically sets a route to the nearest race. Like I’m trying to enjoy the boring roads, don’t bother me! What ever happened to it being a gps. Now it’s turned into a nagging b**ch. I’ve even disabled Anna on my Hud and she still asks if I’d like to set a route. It basically just hid the menu.

Can we please get some changes to this game??? Nope! They are to busy screwing over Ultimate edition owners and trying to grab every penny from our wallets!

Sorry… I got on a bit of a rant. Just so disapointed with this horizon.


Have to ask but how are they screwing over Ultimate edition owners… you have received everything you paid for… or were you expecting more than what the product description was
Life lesson is read what you actually are paying for or you will get ripped off… don’t just assume
Ulimate editions have been the same content wise since forza motorsport 3… horizon 1 being the only exception

But yeh wish there was an option to turn her nagging off

Ultimate editions on almost every game (I’d say every game but I don’t want you calling me out for those few that don’t) include all the content. Thus why it is called the ultimate edition. Truthfully it isn’t. What, should they come out with the super ultimate edition?

Now into how I FEEL ultimate edition owners got screwed over.

  1. If you preordered the game, (as I did) there is no mention as to what was and wasn’t included in the game. You preordered it expecting everything and upon release saw an expansion pass that wasn’t included and a limited time for the car pass.

  2. Car pass is limited for a certain amount. Throughout the release of those car passes, we received what I believe as lacking content. Really generic cars that were no thrill. As soon as the car pass ended they release Porshe!! And other past time cars like the Pagani Zonda R.

  3. VIP pass was limited. During Forza Horizon 2 Vip pass they wuold give you free cars and double wheel spin money payouts. In forza horizon 3 they have given me 1 or 2 car’s since release and double money payouts for wheel spins. Compare that to the almost 30 free cars I recieved from forza horizon 2

  4. Upon release of the game. Ultimate edition owners found out they never received the expansion pass. After much backlash Turn 10 decided to give us $10 off the $40 CDN expansion pass. Having payed $120 CDN for the game that would bring the grand total to $150 CDN! Add in the cost of the porshe car pack and the other pack that released that’s around $170CDN for a single game!! Back in my day of early video games. A game use to cost $60 CDN with free expansion or at the most $20 expansion pass. It’s getting rediculous how much they are charging.

That is my personal opinion with how specifically ultimate edition owners got screwed over.

I could forgive turn 10 for all of that but the game is lacking and there is no support for the game. They gave us beautiful skys and scenery but lack luster roads. Along with many issues that you can find in this forum with no fixes months later.

You’re right though. I should not have assumed it was included as forza horizon 2 didn’t include it. I know for next time.

Go to your statistics in game and find total hours played. Divide total dollars spent by this. Pretty good cost per hour for entertainment when compared to other pass times.
Take up golf instead of buying next forza title. See how that works out for you on a cost per hour basis.


Ya, the cost per hour is relatively low. Exactly, I have other hobbies and expenses to spend my money on. We shouldn’t have to shell over a hundred dollars on one game that doesn’t even include all the content. For instance look at Fallout 4. $80 CDN for the game and $20 (limited time) or $30 for all the add ons. That’s very reasonable. Especially considering they took how many years to develop the game compared to forzas 2 years (I believe). I have numerously mentioned these are just my opinions. The lack of support for the flaws in this game and the amount of money they are making off people is ridiculous. As I previously stated aswell, I could forgive everything if the game was a little bit more fun (better roads) and we got fixes to our problems!

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when i pre ordered the ultimate edition (weeks before lounch) it stated perfectly clear what was included in the ‘ultimate’ edition…
VIP, Car pass(6 first months), early access and the car pack With the racing cars.


Huh. Well my mistake then. I guess I never saw that. Everything else I still stand with.

Exactly this

I preorder the ultimate edition when it was first available and it stated exactly what it contained
I also knew from the previous 5 Forza games too
Car pass also stated it was only the first 6 car packs
Vip was a let down but always is
Double credits for wheelspins is the usual
Received 3 or 4 vip cars compared to maybe 7 or 8 in h2…as well as the car pack
As well as early access
Expansion passes werent even mentioned anywhere until release
It never claimed to contain everything available either
Ultimate doesnt even mean that…means the best …which it was the best available…don’t assume that it does contain all…read the actual product description

We arent stuck in a time warp and costs have gone up ridiculously for everything in the last 10-20 years
If you went by what games cost 10 years ago they should be at least triple compared to eveythong else
Especially when they are 100 times the size as well


In relation to your quote older games were cheaper yes they were depending how you price it, Original Xbox games were about 600meg or so Horizon 3 57 gig so almost 100 times bigger thats would be about 100 CD’S or so for the install or 10 or DVD’s for the install so going by you statment cost of Forza comperaed to older Xbox games is $1,000 for Xbox 360 or $6,000 for Xbox so is looking cheap to me,

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Hey, if you guys want to keep defending Turn 10 it’s your prerogative. I stand by what I said. It’s my opinion that they do not support the game and are over charging for content and underhandedly trying to make more money. Like coincidentally leaving porshe out of ultimate edition owners car pass ( car pass in general).

This Anna thing does really kill me though. Everytime she comes on, “Leave me alone Anna!”

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Support could be better with the company but as for price is about average now days for Pre release prices to be over the $100 mark, I always wait till on special The Complet Forza 3 only cost me about $65 total for game and all content. With the Games with gold sales Forza was 50% off got FM 6 at the same time with all download content at half price.

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